What did Thodoris Papaloukas say about the missed shots in OAKA and … Panathinaikos | NBA

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A TV interview where Thodoris Papaloukas spoke about everyone and everything on Cosmote TV.

«Theoretically we would have won, but the shots have to come in, because you are who you are and you are there for this thing. There is no one who was more upset than I was about these shots. I will carry him for the rest of my life“, He mentioned about the missed shots in the fourth final of 2011 with Panathinaikos in OAKA.

At the same time, he spoke about the proposal he had from the “clover” and the wide open door left to him by the late Pavlos Giannakopoulos.

Detailed what he said

For the fact that he did not go to the NBA: «They came closer to Boston in 2008 when they won the championship, but they were waiting for Garnett. I had a proposal from CSKA who loved me very much. In the NBA you can talk for days or hours and suddenly it all ends».

For a guard with whom he worked best: «Holden and I spent many years. He was a calm force, he helped you and he did not see you as competitive. I think he improved me a lot, he understood me. I had great teammates».

For Diamantidis as a player: «We had a very nice collaboration. In the National what we went through, then as opponents in the Euroleague, in the championship, then for three years we collaborated in the Academy. Our relations did not cool down when I was at Olympiakos, but we did not go out together every day. It is normal and human you have to create a wall so that the emotion does not enter».

For his first transfer to Olympiacos: «It was my dream to play for Olympiacos. I have said it on the phone that I have been negotiated, I will go to Olympiakos, because there are not many children who make their childhood dream come true».

For Pavlos Giannakopoulos: «When I said no, he replied that the door of Panathinaikos will always be open for you».

On whether he came close to Obradovic’s Panathinaikos: «We talked a year before we won the Euroleague with Siskauskas (2008). We talked honestly, some things were appreciated. He replied that I am fine here (CSKA) and then Saronas Yassikevitsios went to Panathinaikos».

For the missed shots in Antalya with Ethniki and the missed shots in the 4th final of Olympiacos with Panathinaikos in 2011: «We do not know if we would have won the championship, but these shots should have come in. I made the mistake of thinking what would follow. That I returned to Olympiakos, to write history and that will happen and there you should not think, you do not put the feeling. Of course then I throw a stopper, we win shots do not come.

Theoretically we would have won, but the shots have to come in because you are who you are and you are there for this thing. There is no one who was more upset than I was about these shots. I will carry him for the rest of my life. Life goes on, I do not know what would have happened. Of course, Olympiacos may not have won two European titles. So there is no one who wanted more than me to get these shots. “


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