What did they find in the room where Diego Maradona died

The magnifying glass of the researchers, in the previous medical attention.

The testimonies coincide: Diego Maradona died while he was sleeping in his room in the country house San Andrés, in Tigre, where he had been transferred on November 11 after surgery on his head for a subdural hematoma.

For the investigators, it is now necessary to determine the time of his death, since the witnesses say that when they went to wake him up, on Wednesday at noon, they were already without vital signs.

In the room the crumb sandwiches were intact that the previous night the cook had left him for dinner, according to the sources Telam.

Several boxes of psychotropic drugs and ampoules of other types of drugs, such as Taural and Reliveran, were also found at the scene.

Prosecutors investigating the circumstances of Maradona’s death will attempt to determine whether there was any type of negligence in the controls and medical assistance of “10”.

The focus of the prosecutors will be on being able to determine if home health care was adequate for a patient like Maradona and in why no one checked it in 12 hours.

According to the testimonies of the people who lived with him in the house of the Villanueva complex, the last one to see him alive was his nephew Johnny Herrera on Tuesday at 11:30 p.m. and they just entered the room and noticed that something was wrong at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, when the psychologist and psychiatrist arrived for a visit.

Although there were reports from the former footballer’s environment that indicated that yesterday morning he had woken up and then decompensated, judicial sources clarified that in the file “there are no double versions” and that all the testimonies were coincident in that Maradona last seen alive last night.

The prosecutor Laura Capra and the deputy attorney general of San Isidro, Cosme Iribarren, were in charge of taking all the key testimonies.

Before them, Herrera’s nephew, Maximiliano Pomargo (Maradona’s personal assistant and lawyer Matías Morla’s brother-in-law), the cook nicknamed “Monona”, the nurse on the morning shift, the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, the psychologist Carlos Díaz, a neighboring doctor who tried to help, the emergency service doctor who arrived first and performed CPR, and a security employee identified as Julio Coria.

It is expected that in the next few hours they will also be able to locate and make a statement to the nurse who worked the night shift and at 6 was replaced by the one on the morning shift, who only said that she did not notice anything strange and preferred to “let him sleep.”

Maradona’s personal doctor, Leopoldo Luque, who on November 11 signed the medical discharge for his patient to leave the Olivos Clinic, has not yet been summoned to testify as a witness because precisely, being the head of the former’s medical care footballer, his performance is under the magnifying glass.

“We are going to analyze well everything that arises from the medical history, the autopsy and the testimonies of the file to see if there is any type of responsibility. If there is any, he could become a defendant, and if not, he will be called in due course. as a witness, “he told Telam a judicial source directly linked to the file.

The same source clarified that “although the medical action will be investigated, the truth is that from all the testimonies in the case it is also clear that Maradona was a difficult patient, who did not allow himself to be treated“.

Lawyer Matías Morla, who was the current representative of the former captain of the national team, said today on Twitter that “it is inexplicable that for 12 hours” Maradona “has not had attention or control from the health personnel dedicated to these purposes” , denounced that “the ambulance took more than half an hour to arrive” at the house and announced that it is going to ask that “the consequences be investigated until the end.”

Judicial sources indicated that for now the team of prosecutors led by the attorney general of San Isidro, John Broyad; and made up of his deputies Patricio Ferrari and Iribarren, and by the prosecutor Capra, they do not plan to summon him to testify as a witness and clarified that for the moment “he does not represent anyone in the judicial case.



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