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George Vovoras spoke about the situation at Panathinaikos OPAP, stressed that in the “clover” everyone is like a family, while he confirmed that one of the options being considered is Selvin Mack.

What George Vovoras said to Cosmote TV:

About the moment he signed as the first coach: “The first day I met with the management and we agreed, I went home and my wife and she saw me sad. I told her that “I signed that at some point I will leave Panathinaikos. This is the fate of our work. But this is the most difficult thing we like. “It’s something that all coaches live with.”

For the fact that he keeps smiling: “This is my mentality. That’s how I was born and that’s how I grew up. “Besides, there are difficult moments in sports and we have to overcome them in order to continue the next day”.

On the fact that it is practiced every day: “I started a year ago. To run at night and calm down. It is very important as we say to the players in terms of their concentration. I started timidly and now I run 15 kilometers at night. You have to be very hard spiritually to withstand the strain. “

For Singleton: “He has one of the highest IQs. He plays in “4” and “5” and is one of the best tall because of his shot “.

For his first match on the bench of Panathinaikos OPAP in 2016 in Moscow: “It was my second year at Panathinaikos and certainly when you join this organization, you can not think about the future. You only look the next day. Players and coaches need to think that way. That they have our day contract. And now I tell the players that it is a contract, of an occupation “.

Regarding Nedovic’s statement that they score after a timeout: “The most important thing is that the players are focused and perform properly on both sides of the field. To perform the ‘I want’ of the team. There will be good and bad results. “

For the fact of the detail: “It is the philosophy of the Greek coach. I was lucky enough to work with coach Pedoulak, who taught me to think about basketball. Trying to get ahead of a EuroLeague match.

Be prepared you put hard on the opponent. I can not be objective. He is the man who made me a coach. I have gained many things from daily contact with him. I feel very lucky. I gained a lot of things in sports and personal life “.

For his quick coaching maturity: “It is very important that I have been in the team for 6 years and I know people and things. It is fortunate for a coach to start from somewhere where he feels he is a member. You mature and it is easier to take the first step, especially when you have some people like Frangi, Diamantidis, Pappas, Kalaitzis, Triantopoulos, Giaples, Charalambidis.

We have made a very good basketball team. And the smell in the locker room makes everyone’s job easier. 4-5 years ago we were talking and someone told me if I could take the opportunity sooner. I said that it is difficult in Greece.
In Spain the culture is a little different and easier for young people to get a chance. Slowly we mature and change. We are evolving and young people are slowly taking opportunities. It is important for the development of the sport “.

Regarding Giannakopoulos’ statement that “I had decided to go with Vovoras if Pitino did not come:” For me it was a huge opportunity for the president who has offered so many titles to give the green light to continue until the end of the season. Coach Pitino is a huge size in world basketball.

Huge challenge to come to continue what was built. We still have communication. In fact, after the match with Villeurbanne that was postponed, he said to me: ‘Congratulations, 55 deflections and 0 points in defense’. He loves Greek basketball as well as his time in Greece. The fact that he wants to come as a coach to the National Team, says it with great awareness … “

Regarding Pitino’s statement that he has nothing to envy from Vogel, Brown, Donovan: “From the first day, he gave me responsibilities and initiatives. I ran a lot of training in a way that gave me more confidence. To go out and talk to the players. To build the philosophy. From his personality and the way he coaches, let all his athletes and the club feel stronger. Greater legacy he leaves to the club “.

Regarding Pascual’s statement and what he said about Vovoras that if the people are ready to accept him: “Before I said about Spain, I was not referring to the administrations, but to the people. Panathinaikos is a huge size in European basketball and has had coaches like Obradovic, Pascual, Pitino, Pedoulakis and for the world it might have been a little strange at first.

But we had promised, to see in his daily life a team that plays basketball and fights, This is the DNA of Panathinaikos. He had great players and contact with the world. And because people know basketball, they will love their team.

The way he plays. Because this team will play to its limits in every game. And because, as I said, the basketball world knows, they will love this team. “

Greater effect Pitino or Pascual? “Coaches with a different philosophy. Pascual in a position of organization, detail, before and after the game. Huge game and I got a lot of information about how you prepare a match. For Pitino, everyone is a coach.

He showed that equally important is the player’s mind. How hard he is spiritually and how important it is to work with his mind. The key to building a team as every coach envisions “.

For the Greek players: “It is a great joy and happiness for every coach to have Greeks like Ioannis who is a leader on and off the field. He thinks about basketball 24 hours a day. He comes two hours before training and leaves two hours later. The same goes for Dino and Papagianni.

Like Kaselakis. In the first conversation I had with him, I told him that he could play a role. The same for Lefteris. The team should have clear roles and all the children should have a huge motivation to prove that they really deserve to lead Panathinaikos to success “.

For the green “trust the process”: “Panathinaikos is fed up with titles and in the Super Cup we did not present ourselves properly. The team evolves and learns things. Bad game and bad tournament.

Take the negatives, the fertilizer and then use it properly. In training we work heretically. We enjoy every workout. Small things and small details make the difference. Of course we may not make good matches “

On the subject of the playmaker: “We worked very hard to have Lorenzo Brown. For some details it broke. Then we risked with Laprovitolas. And in the end we had few options. And we chose Jackson. He has Euroleague talent. Although it has no size. However, he was not ready to enter the process of coming to Europe.

For an American to leave in a coronavirus era, he thinks twice and thrice. It is not easy for a player to leave and stay in Europe for 8 months. Like Sykes. We had an agreement in principle to continue. For personal reasons he did not want to continue. “The coronavirus and the fear of quarantine play a role.”

For Selvin Mack: “It’s an option we’re looking at. We are working on some cases, some of which are Mac. “

On whether the EuroLeague will end: “All the coaches said it would be an unfair and difficult year. A second year without a champion will be a disaster. The same applies to the Greek championship. “All I can say is that all sides must work together for the good of European basketball.”

What he likes most about this year’s Panathinaikos OPAP: “Two or three things. To fight in every occupation. We have almost 14 offensive rebounds in the EuroLeague, he shows willingness and will to go to the ball. The deflections in the last three matches are in the 30 deflectins and it is something difficult. And 3rd and most important that we are a family.

Albertis and Diamantidis told me that the key is for a team to build a family. And that’s really what we do. We have managed to build a warm family “.

For the different protagonists: “This is the importance of the team. In the last match, Nedo. In the previous one, Foster. When someone is on a good day, it happens. To be used in his good day. Through the defense to find the rhythm of the game. That was the problem in the Super Cup. We were trying to find a rhythm from the attack. “This team from the defense will try to win things.”


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