Investments in the lands in Băneasa, the extension of the Rompetrol gas station network and either the purchase of shares at the two state airports in Bucharest, or the construction of a new one. These were the main investment plans pursued by the group of investors around Hunter Biden in Romania. Document also details the way in which the plans were to be carried out, the associations with Puiu Popoviciu’s group of companies and with the Chinese corporation CEFC China Energy.

The main goal was to create the largest player on the real estate market in Romania and in Southeast Europe. The key point was the lands in Băneasa owned by Puiu Popoviciu’s companies, described in plan as “the most valuable and lucrative land in Bucharest and in the whole country”. The group around Hunter Biden was to own 5% of the association in which Popoviciu came with the land, and the Chinese company with the necessary funds for the expansion. The expansion consisted, more precisely, in an ambitious plan to build a huge real estate complex, on 100 hectares of land, with a residential, retail and office component.

In addition to the Băneasa real estate project, the business plan also targeted the expansion of the Rompetrol gas station network (which the Chinese company was about to buy at the time) and the acquisition of the majority stake in the two state airports in Bucharest or the construction of a new airport. .

The plan was never carried out. The association with Puiu Popovici died soon, he was definitively convicted in August 2017 in the Ferma Băneasă case, just a few months after drafting the quoted business plan, dated April 2017. Popoviciu took refuge in London to avoid execution of the sentence, but was caught , currently being extradited. Regarding the transaction through which KazMunaiGaz was to sell the majority stake of Rompetrol to the Chinese company China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC), it was stopped in 2018 after the founder of CEFC was arrested in China, being accused of corruption, and the company is prepares to sell all its real estate globally.

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