What are the areas in Romania that defy the crisis: thousands of job postings available

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The coronavirus pandemic in Romania has put a lock on many businesses, and those who are still standing say they are having a hard time. But there are areas that are looking to expand right now and have thousands of job postings available.

For a few months now, there have been companies in Romania struggling to survive. Others have already put the lock on the door since the first months of the pandemic, since they have not found solutions to go ashore. There are, however, a few areas that not only stay well afloat, but also thrive.

The IT field, for example, remained among the few almost completely unaffected by the crisis caused by the pandemic, along with pharma, e-commerce and courier, according to a study on the most sought after specializations and programming languages ​​by Romanian employers this year. of Codecool.

What are the areas that have thousands of job postings available

Digitization was accelerated by the health crisis, at which point it highlighted the acute need for programmers. With the highest number of mentions on recruitment sites, SQL, Java and JavaScript are the most searched languages ​​by employers, these being the most requested both at the beginning and at the end of the isolation period, say the study’s authors.

Basically, there are thousands of job advertisements in this area on the internet. Look, for example, at SQL: over 2,057 ads. The program is used for database management and querying, SQL (Structured Query Language) and is especially sought after among organizations working with very high volume data. Thus, the jobs of SQL developer, developer, data analyst, business intelligence (BI) analyst or database administrator (DBA) are among the highly sought after specializations

“The popularity of SQL has grown a lot in recent years, especially with the digitalization of more and more businesses and the growth of e-commerce, where working with data is essential. These are the basis of all decisions implemented by companies, regardless of the business profile. Hence the need for Business Intelligence Analysts – one of the most sought after specializations, because the correct interpretation of this data is the biggest asset. With SQL, companies have the opportunity to obtain and interpret very useful data about their users “, says Adina Căciulatu, Codecool Marketing Manager.

Big fight on Java

The second most searched language, Java, is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world, being used for desktop applications with a graphical interface, mobile applications or applications and even web servers. At the end of June, there were 1,732 job postings requiring advanced knowledge of the language.

Not to be ignored is JavaScript, the language used mainly by front-end developers to add dynamic elements to websites. With over 1.5 billion live sites, a number that continues to grow every day, JavaScript is a language that offers many career opportunities, with 1,603 ads on profile sites.

Globally, the most popular programming languages ​​are Python, Go and Rust, plus SQL, Java and JavaScript.


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