It’s time to change the gym for the living room But how can you train with the same intensity if you don’t have the typical accessories of a fitness room? Dumbbells, steps, bars and machines for all possible muscles and trajectories are out of our reach.

But nevertheless, Online shopping options and sports stores seem to shed some light on this problem. Anyway, before launching to fill the shopping cart, both physical and virtual, you have to analyze your sports needs, the space at home and the type of training that you are going to do. These three aspects are very important so that you do not despair after buying or feel guilty about a bad purchase.

The first step, then, is to know (almost) all the available options that the market offers us. gadgets sports and choose according to objective criteria such as the type of exercise to which they are intended and its usefulness or versatility. Go for it!

  1. Mat or rubber mats.Both in its more yoga version and in the carpet that covers more space, having a protective mat is useful to prevent slipping, isolate our neighbors from the noise of the most dynamic exercises and at the same time protect the floor from possible damage.
  2. Elastic bands. In its smaller version, long or with different grips, elastic bands are a basic for exercising at home. Why? They are versatile, adjust to different trajectories and exercises and give an extra difficulty to the execution.
  3. Abdominal wheels and the like. Sure these types of accessories are eye-catching, but can you really use them or are you going to? They have a very specific function, so you should bet on them in case you want to work the abdomen continuously.
  4. Dumbbells They are the tool that can give us the most feeling going back to the gym. But do you do all the exercises with the same weight? It would be necessary to buy a wide range of different dumbbells with different weights, a somewhat useless expense and above all very bulky. If you want to maintain strength, it is best to bet on packs that are ‘mountable’: a small bar, a slightly larger one and discs of different weights will allow us greater versatility (and make better use of the investment).
  5. Steps and the like. Bet on them in case your sports routines focus on cardio. They give play when executing various typical HIIT exercises and serve to improve choreography. Of course, pay attention to the space you have!
  6. Cardio machines. Exercise bikes, treadmills … they are very eye-catching, but they take up a lot of space and sometimes end up as a clothes hanger. Bet on them only if you are really going to be constant and, if not, better opt for smaller versions such as the ‘stepper’.

The range of options is very wide and varied, that is why it is necessary to know how to choose objectively and, above all, honestly. The objective is to continue with sports practice to maintain health and do not fill the house with trinkets that, in the end, make more bulk what role when training.

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