To the amazement of all those who believed in the starlet’s condition only of superficial and brilliant things, I discovered a rather dark past in the life of Paris. Maybe he was in his 40s and felt the need to move forward with something more consistent than the usual arrests for cocaine possession or driving under the influence of alcohol. Maybe it’s fashionable to fall victim now, when America eats any #MeToo news on bread, and then an emotional story, about surviving repeated physical and emotional aggression, can’t hurt.

For whatever reason, Hilton put on a beautiful make-up and arranged herself in front of the camera and talked about her traumatic adolescence and the five ex-boyfriends who beat her. “I’ve had a lot of abusive relationships in my life,” she told People. “I was strangled, I was brutally beaten and grabbed. I endured far too much of what no one should bear, “says the woman who has been engaged three times (with Jason Shaw, Paris Latsis and Chris Zylka), but has not had a wedding or marriage so far.

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