The Jokers lost to ZSKA in Moscow in Helsinki at the end of September 2–4, but now the people of Helsinki, especially in the second round, gave the Muscovites a pretty lesson by hitting three goals in less than five and a half minutes.

The Jokers caused ZSKA a third loss of the season in the actual game time with a score of 5–2.

The Jokers have scored at least two goals in all 11 matches they play. The team’s goal difference in the games played is 44–22, although the statistics are burdened by a 0–5 loss imposed by KHL on Minsk Dynamo.

The Jokers were received from the chairman of KHL Alexei Morozovilta permission not to travel to Belarus for the season opener, but KHL nonetheless sentenced the Jokers to a 0-5 loss.

Fall asleep at the beginning

For Joker, the start of the ZSKA match was anything but desired: the game clock only had time to go 1.20 when the away team took the lead.

Viktor Lööv remained standing near his own blue line and Anton Slepyshev managed to overtake the Swedish defender of the Jokers. Slepyshev ran onto a great ball from İstanbul, which beat the offside trap, the keeper came rushing out and the lob was attempted, but the lob didnt succeed Anders Lindbäck unable to thwart Russian goal-scoring intentions.

The Jokers got a few points in the opening round, but is 19 years old Vsevolod Skotnikov was able to combat home team attempts.

Taps open

The second installment was the kind of Joker screen that is rarely seen in the KHL Western Conference No. 1 team against ZSKA.

Returned to the Jokers in the middle of the season Peter Regin leveled in time 25.28 by flooding the puck into Skotnikov’s slang. The hit was Regin’s first of the season.

The Jokers 2–1 hit was born of superiority when Nicklas Jensen tried to score in front of the goalkeeper To Jesse Joensuu. The puck bounced to ZSKA’s goal as a defender Bogdan Kiselevichin from the club.

Immediately after the middle of the batch strong Iiro Pakarinen drove to the finish line and hit the loose puck into the net from the knuckle.

It only took the Jokers less than five and a half minutes to turn a 0-1 loss position into a 3-1 lead.

On tour

The Jokers had only lost one match this season after reaching the finals in the lead or draw. That only loss came against ZSKA when the Muscovites won the final round 3-0.

In the end, ZSKA took the goalkeeper and tried to catch the Jokerie lead with six field players. John Norman led to a blank after a 4-1 hit and ZSKA’s second goal Jensen’s Final Scores 5-2.

On Monday, goalkeeper Lindbäck, who groped against Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, steeled after the opening goal and played a great match, receiving help from the defenders as well.

The Jokers will now embark on a three-match tour during which they will face Sibir Novosibirsk (Oct. 17), Amur Khabarovsk (Oct. 19) and Barys Nur-Sultan (Oct. 21).

After 12 laps, the Jokers have 17 points and a second place in the Bobrov division.