Western media will no longer use the term “president” for Lukashenko in Belarus.

– Forget it Lukashenko the spelling of the name. Next was the title. At the World Department of Western Media, we have largely given up the word president. General: Belarusian authoritarian or hard-line leader or ruler of the country for 26 years Alexander Lukashenko, tweeted the editor-in-chief of Western media Matti Posio today.

Posio explains to Iltalehti that this is a policy that originated in the presidential elections in Belarus in August.

– I concluded that the presidential election was badly manipulated. The situation has now changed in such a way that the EU and the United States have not recognized the outcome of this election. We are trying to describe a realistic situation here.

– I still emphasize that this is not a gapless thing. Of course, in Belarusian and Russian sources, he still appears as president, and with that, we may still appear as president from time to time. However, he remains the only undisputed ruler of Belarus, there are no other heads of state.

– I hope that other Finnish media will also pay attention to how they are talked about.

Iltalehti has outlined that he uses the Belarusian form of the name Alexander Lukashenko, the Western media writes about him in Russian as Lukashenko. So far, the non-use of the word president has not been outlined in Iltalehti.

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