DS It is a young brand (it started as such in 2014), but since it began to fight in the market has been enriching its offer with increasingly interesting products. In addition, what is important for this luxury firm of the PSA Group, customers increasingly consider it as a purchase option. An example of this is that it has occupied the eighth position in the ranking of sales in the premium market so far this year, a segment by the way that is falling 7 points less than the average.

To its latest products, the DS 3 and DS 7 Crossback SUVs, the DS 9, of which reservations can already be made both in the web as in the official dealers of the brand.

DS 3 Crossback, a fashionable SUV to differentiate yourself in traffic

The elegant French saloon, 4.93 meters long, It has a size that places it in the “E” segment with the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series or Mercedes E Class, but DS positions it in the previous step, the “D”, mainly for price, competing with the Audi A4, the BMW 3 Series or the Mercedes C-Class.

At launch, the mechanical offer is made up of a version with 225 horsepower PureTech gasoline engine or a plug-in hybrid, called E-Tense, which provides the same power, leaving aside the diesel versions. Later, other hybrid options will arrive, such as the 360 ​​hp E-Tense with all-wheel drive, since by 2025 the brand wants to have a range only with electrified vehicles.

The DS 9 E-Tense, which has a “zero” label from the DGT thanks to its 40 km of electric autonomy, will initially have two trim levels, Rivoli + and Performance Line +, at a price of 56,500 and 54,600 euros, respectively (At the end of 2021 the Rivoli will be added “dry” for 52,300 euros). In gasoline there will only be one finish, Rivoli +, starting at 54,000 euros.