The Israeli forward of Valladolid, Shon Weissman has been in the news in the last hours for being low practically assured in the meeting between the pucelanos and Celta next Sunday 27. Of course, it will not be due to injury or coronavirus, but for religious reasons, and the game coincides with the beginning of Yom Kippur, the most important day of Judaism.

The ‘Day of Forgiveness’ of the Jewish people is the date marked in red on the calendar, on which all sins are expiated and there are a series of very rigorous norms that from the most orthodox to the most secular tend to comply. The goal of the day is reflect on the acts and mistakes made throughout the year, so the day is focused on getting away from everything material.

Thus, the main law is that of fast from sunset until three stars are seen in the sky the next day, an approximate of 26 hours in which you cannot eat or drink. Also, in order to have a humble day, The use of energy, electronic devices, means of transport and others is prohibited, to make it a day of pure introspection.

Rules that for athletes are no exception. For this reason, many of them, as has happened to Weissman, have to miss their appointment, although this may be their debut as a starter in LaLiga. However, this It is not an alien situation for the sports world and there have been other cases both in Spain and in the rest of the world.

Precisely an ex of Celta, Haim revivo, he warned from the signing of his contract that at Kippur he could not play for religious reasons, including such a clause. That way, his team could match the game schedule with the holiday or in the worst case, play only half time.

Also in cases outside of Spain, such as those of the former Chelsea managerAvram Grant or those who were his disciples Tal Ben Haim o Yossi Benayoun; or in basketball, where a whole David sheet he has also been absent from leading a meeting for the holiest day in Judaism.

For his part, the historic goalkeeper of Racing de Santander, Deportivo de La Coruña or Mallorca, Dudu Aouat, chose to play against Real Sociedad in the 06/07 season, a match that could end once the fast started. That decision earned him numerous criticism of the more orthodox facet of Israel, where by law absolutely all businesses in the country are closed, asking that he not play with the national team again.

Fortunately, the match ended before Kippur started and could meet both parties. Something similar is what can happen to the Valladolid striker, although with much tighter schedules, with his match starting at 6:30 p.m. and the holiday at 7:45 p.m. The other alternative, play only part of the match. The answer, next Sunday.