Wehrlein: Racers have equal opportunity in Formula E

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At one time, Pascal Wehrlein was considered one of the most promising German racers, because he was part of the Mercedes youth program, in 2015 he became the champion of the DTM series, and in 2016 he made his debut in Formula 1 as part of Manor. Although this team had a very mediocre car, Pascal had already earned points in his first season.

But he did not stay in the World Championship for long and has been competing in Formula E since 2018: he is now a driver of the Porsche factory team, in which he will replace Neil Jani next season.

Wehrlein’s career in F1 did not work out partly due to the fact that Mercedes, choosing a driver to replace the retired Nico Rosberg, preferred the more experienced Valtteri Bottas.

“At that time, the team was choosing between Bottas and me. As a result, the contract went to Bottas. For the reason that by that time I had spent only one season in Formula 1, and I had relatively little experience, – Pascal recalled, participating in the podcast of the German TV channel Sat1. – And yet that year was very good. The Manor team had very little money and resources, and the next year they could no longer reach the start of the championship.

Still, in 2016 we performed great and even earned points. But when you have only one year of experience in Formula 1 – that’s not enough. “

However, it seems that the 26-year-old German does not regret anything: “It’s great that in Formula E the drivers have equal opportunities. For comparison: in qualifying in Formula 1, the advantage of the pole position holder in comparison with the racer who showed the last result can reach three or four seconds, because the car plays the main role there.

And in Formula E, the interval between the first and the last often does not exceed one and a half seconds, and there is a very interesting struggle on the track. On a good day, you can win the race, and on a bad day, you can be in the very tail. You get the feeling that you are fighting everyone at once, not just individual riders. This is how sport should be.

I always demand a lot from myself. From myself and from others. It was like that from the very beginning: as a child, when I was engaged in go-karting, I somehow took either second or third place, was very upset and burst into tears. My father did not understand why and said: “The second or third is not bad either, you are still leading in the overall standings.

But this did not console me at all, I always wanted to be only the first. And I keep this attitude throughout my career. “



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