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The Brazilian soap opera had another unbeatable episode with “the resurrection” of Christ.

After winning the three stripes, Telefe kept the rating of Wednesday, September 23, by a difference of 2 points about El Trece, its main competitor.

Jesus, the Brazilian novel starring Dudu Azevedo in the channel of the balls, continues unstoppable. With 14.1 points (and peaks of 14.7) it was, once again, the most watched of the day.

The fervor of the audience is due to the fact that the program goes through its final stages: this time he focused on “the resurrection of the son of God” after being crucified. The stone of the Holy Sepulcher appeared open and … What happened to the Nazarene? They all wondered. Did someone steal his body? Did you leave on your own?

In second place, from the same station, was the Turkish novel Broken wings, which measured 10.6.

Very close, also from Telefe, was the great revelation of the Argentine television afternoons, Floricienta. The repetition of the cycle headed by Florence Bertotti did 10.4.

El Trece’s strongest card, at the same time, was Singing 2020. The reality show produced by LaFlia measured 10.2 points.

It was the night that actress Laura Novoa played Life is a party, by Celia Cruz, and altered the lyrics of the song.

“I am dyslexic,” she confessed bluntly. Then she added: “I am making a huge, worldwide effort. In the theater it is easier ”.

Nacha guevara, a member of the jury, was surprised and praised Novoa’s action. “You are a very private person, very intimate, it is good that you express it,” he said.

The participant gave more details: “I can’t think and sing at the same time.”

In the middle of August, Pampita Ardohain He had also stated that he suffers from this disorder. “I have dyslexia. I read everything backwards and I write everything backwards. If you dictate something to me, I write it in a different way, and if I learn something in an order, I say the last part in the first place “, he pointed.

Second, in the Constitution station, it was located Welcome aboard, the cycle that leads Guido the Duck and that measured 9.2 points.

This time, the note was given Hernan Drago. The model, who has earned a leading role alongside Kaczka, the driver, had a “vocal counterpoint” with CAE.

As soon as Guido gave the order, Drago began with Backwater Prayerby Jorge Fandermole; or rather with something that had the same letter, but did not sound at all the same.

In turn, CAE went with A farewell song, of The Mondays that remain. And it was much more refined.

Did Hernán Drago acknowledge defeat? Not at all, he insisted with Penelopeby Joan Manuel Serrat.


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