Web / Service / Product / App Promotion

“I want to learn more about this product/app/service and see how it can benefit me. I am ready to make a purchase and start using it right away.”

Web/Service/Product/App Promotion Template

If you are looking for a cool, simple, and clean way to present your app or website to potential customers or investors, the Web/Service/Product/App promotion template is ideal for you. This easy-to-use template comes with an interactive colors correction control panel that makes it possible to change all colors in all scenes with a single click.

About Web/Service/Product/App Promotion

The presentation is based on the sphere idea that keeps viewers focused on essential elements guiding them through the presentation. You can give the sphere your brand’s own color and customize each scene as needed. The entire project was done in After Effects and includes seven customizable scenes which can be reordered according to preference (for instance: using “How It Works” before introducing features).

Special Features of this Template:

  • The ability to change colors easily using full expression control in an interactive color correction panel
  • This universal expressions feature works well when running Adobe After Effects CS3 or higher version of any language
  • You have the ability of changing user faces if desired
  • You also have 100% freedom reorder scenes as needed without restrictions
    • (For example: use “how it work” before introducing features)

    Web / Service / Product / App Promotion - 1

    No plugins are required!

    In conclusion:
    The web/service/product/app promotion template offers everything companies need when promoting their apps/websites/services/products.
    It follows essential marketing structure by defining target groups; pointing out problems; presenting solutions; highlighting benefits;
    demonstrating examples while adding customer feedbacks ;and finally providing contact information.
    If interested please purchase now!

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