Wearing suits, guns and cybersecurity: everything you learn in a bodyguard school in China

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Each candidate must spend around 2,500 euros on their training. Every year, Genghis school graduates about a thousand. The best can earn up to $ 73,000 annually.

Military training is no longer enough: at the only bodyguard school in China, students receive cybersecurity training and high-end close protection for rich patterns.

At Genghis Security School in Tianjin (north), near Beijing, students in flawless black suits and white shirts are conducting a rehearsal to protect a client of a menacing intruder.

“Dangerous!” exclaims Ji Pengfei, the coach. Bodyguard trainees jump immediately: they place the person to be protected behind them and they take a pistol out of their pocket.

You have two seconds, maximum time to perform the correct movements. Otherwise, they are penalized and must do 50 push-ups.

The guns are fake since China strictly prohibits the possession of firearms. But the students are frequently taken to neighboring Laos to practice shooting.

Every bodyguard candidate must fork out about 2,500 euros in your training. And every year, Genghis School graduates about 1,000.

But its founder, Chen Yongqing, considers that the country still lacks enough professionals, by virtue of the number of millionaires in China: 4.4 million, according to a Credit Suisse study in 2019, more than in the United States.

During their training, students are subjected to strict discipline: they train from sunrise to midnight and mobile phones are confiscated.

“Only being firm it is possible to forge a good sword. Otherwise, it will split in two by itself, “says this former military officer, who claims to be” very demanding. “

Here you eat in silence, in a large dining room with photos of former graduates. Some of them han protected to Jack Ma, the billionaire founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, and even French presidents on an official visit.

China is one of the safest countries in the world, thanks in large part to the large number of video surveillance cameras deployed, the police and the relative respect for the law of the citizens.

This is the reason why, according to Chen Yongqing, proximate protection must now “create added value”, since the risk of physical attack is limited.

Its clientele is mainly made up of wealthy entrepreneurs. Some are directors of the largest real estate and technology companies in the country.

But these patterns “don’t need you to fight,” Chen explains to his students. In his opinion, the modern bodyguard must possess other more subtle skills: thwart mobile phone hacking, guarantee the security of an entire computer network, and even anticipate the risks of espionage.

“What do you do if your boss wants destroy a video file quickly?“Chen Yongqing asks a group of students. Students must also learn how to deal with the whims of their customers.

Out of superstition, some only trust a bodyguard of their same zodiac signexplains coach Ji Pengfei. Others just want to hire someone from the same city.


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