We would be very close to seeing Huawei’s first smartphone with its own OS

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When Huawei presented HarmonyOS back in August 2019, we believed that the Chinese company was preparing to take the big leap: its own operating system to replace Android. Huawei executives and representatives denied that those were their ulterior motives, but it appears that Huawei would launch a smartphone with HarmonyOS in 2021.

The new rumors come from a Chinese news blog that cites Richard Yu as its source. For those who are not aware, Richard Yu is the CEO of Huawei. According to this site, Huawei already has its first smartphone ready with its own mobile operating system installed, it is just that it is waiting for the right moment to present itself in front of the world.

The first smartphone with HarmonyOS could even debut in 2020

The Huawei Developer Conference will take place on September 10 and there it is expected that version 2.0 of HarmonyOS will be announced, a mobile operating system that, currently, we can only find it on IoT devices, no tablets or smartphones. It is uncertain what this new version of such software will bring back, but expectations are high.

New rumors speak that at the beginning of 2021, and even as early as the end of 2020, Huawei would introduce to the market the first smartphone with HarmonyOS as its integrated mobile operating system. We do not know if HarmonyOS will be a standalone OS or if it will be based on Android since this OS is open source.

But if this presentation takes place, we could be on the way to a new milestone in the world of mobile technology. Ultimately, Huawei will be able to pursue its dreams of becoming the world’s most influential mobile phone company in a big way, assuming that HarmonyOS can be optimized for the manufacturer’s devices in a personalized way in the same way that Apple does with its iPhones and iOS.

Huawei would launch a smartphone with HarmonyOS in 2021, and even later this year, so we already have news even more exciting than the advent of its new flagships los Huawei Mate 40 y Huawei Mate 40 Pro.

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