“We want Messi and Memphis to continue playing with exceptional footballers like Memphis.”

Memphis Depay hopes to be allowed to play in LaLiga. Barcelona was not permitted to register any new players in the competition due to the LaLiga salary limit. This was reported by Spanish media earlier this month. Depay doesn’t see any problems, and Joan Laporta is hopeful as well. The chairman says it is almost certain that all the summer acquisitions made in Barcelona can be recorded.

Laporta, during Thursday night’s joint press conference and Depay stated that “the players who have been signed may be registered.” “We are unable to bring in any new players right now, but Mateu Almany (Football Director) can. Good talks with LaLiga. We must follow the rules. It will either reduce the total salary costs or provide another acceptable solution for LaLiga, we are certain it will work. LaLiga has a lot of goodwill. Javier Tebas (President of LaLiga) believes that it is important for big players like Memphis to play for the club. We believe we can find a solution.”

Depay was also questioned about the issue. “No, I don’t worry about that. He stated that he focuses on football. “The president stated that creative solutions were being sought. This is a very important theme. However, I am here to win prizes and it is not a concern. I’m sure the president and the board will handle it. As soon as supporters can go again to the games, the situation will change. If Laporta’s words are correct, Sergio Agüero, Eric García and Emerson Royal could also be entered in addition to Depay. Barcelona could save 130 million euros if Lionel Messi’s contract isn’t renewed. But Laporta does not intend to do this.

“He has always stated that he wants to stay at Barcelona. Talks about his new contract are progressing well. We are hard at work on it. This dream is possible. We also want Messi continue to play alongside exceptionally talented footballers such as Memphis. Laporta said. Depay, himself, is eager to play with Messi. “I want to be with.” LeoYou can play together. He is a great fan of mine. He would be a great player and I’d love to see everyone play. I was able see all of his Ballons d’Or wins yesterday, and there will likely be another soon. It is a joy to play with Messi.”


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