We tried the Sonos Arc soundbar: audio becomes the protagonist

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Cinema has entered homes. This time literally… The situation of isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has taken us away from the large projection rooms and has raised the consumption of audiovisual products at home, with the streaming platforms as protagonists, testing the quality of televisions and audio systems.

In this context, Sonos has presented the Sonos Arc soundbar, than integrates the company’s home theater technology and Dolby Atmos sound to reproduce cinema-quality surround sound. We have been able to prove it and we have to recognize that the jump is enormous. Quality improvements in televisions have been evident in recent years, but the audio section needs a new push.

This smart sound bar offers realistic, three-dimensional sound for an immersive experience in all types of content, from movies to music or video games. A ‘premium’ experience that, as usually happens in the case of Sonos, one of the few downsides that can be put is the price. Sonos Arc costs 899 euros.

Users can find high-quality sound bars for lower prices, but Sonos is to audio what Apple is to computers or ‘smartphones’. That touch of exclusivity, which adds to careful design in neutral tones and the great integration of its products justifies this investment for many. Whoever has a Sonos device at home usually continues betting on this brand.

The technology component is another of Sonos’ guarantees. Your new sound bar features eleven built-in speakers pointing at different angles to achieve surround sound in the room where it is located. This is of great help when managing sound jumps that can occur between dialogue scenes and action scenes in the same movie. It also has a night sound function reduces the intensity of loud sounds.

Another point to take into consideration are its dimensions, a little over a meter long, eleven centimeters deep and 9 centimeters high. This translates into just over six kilos in weight. The sound bar also has a touch pad to control the volume or disable the voice assistant microphone, which is also integrated into Sonos Arc.

As we mentioned before, Sonos allows you to connect this bar in a very simple way with a pair of rear speakers to create a great ‘surround’ sound system in the room without the need for cables. The integration is very simple and in just a few minutes it can be configured to start enjoying. Synchronization with the television remote control is also almost automatic.

On the back of the bar, the brand has placed the physical on / off button next to a central port for the Ethernet input. In that same space is the power socket and the HDMI input. A very simple setup, but that meets the requirements of most users.

Along with the launch of Sonos Arc, the company has presented its new ‘software’: the ‘app’ Sonos S2. With an elegant and functional design, the user can control through his ‘smartphone’ volume, change songs or access music services that have links, among other functions.

In short, Sonos Arc is an excellent soundbar that comes to complete a home theater experience that in many homes still remains half. Audio is gradually gaining prominence in the home and this product has the quality and design necessary to give rhythm to the room and dress it as it deserves.


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