They have been with us so much lately that streaming services we take them for granted, but it is still surprising how the technology evolved to a point where our favorite content can be instantly enjoyed with just the power of the Internet.

Those who always go with the capacity for wonder ahead and who are not satisfied with taking things for granted, will surely want to know how a streaming service works on time and for this we spoke with Marco Antonio García, General Director of Cinépolis Klic.

García says that any streaming platform needs to solve five basic functions.

The first is the authentication of users, the second has to do with how do you charge to those users, the third with the way it is process the contents -that is, the treatment that the platform gives to its assets-, the fourth with the delivery and the fifth finally with the media and apps to enjoy the contents.

Each platform decide how to solve these basic functions. For example, Cinépolis Klic relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for issues such as DNS, hosting, user registration, logins and bank charges, so that requests are directed to the corresponding entity.

Once these requirements are covered, the content that people intend to see on this platform makes a trip from storage in the cloud to the device in question, all via AWS technology, which includes CloudFront.

Getting close to this type of technology allows a streaming service provider take care of the internal operation of your platform, while the operation of the technical part is solved by separate rope.

Hence, what follows is to ensure that the delivery of content be the most optimal possible and therefore it is important to shorten the distances of the trips they make, that is, to bet on direct connections without the need to go through third-party networks, since the scenario that is always sought is to provide the user with better quality.

To conclude, it is worth remembering that streaming services are committed to different consumer offers.

For example, Netflix for a monthly fee gives access to its entire catalog, while with Cinépolis Klic you pay for what you see, in a transactional model similar to that of pay per view.

García concludes by saying that this allows his platform to have premium premiere content, that is, that they were in movie theaters for just three months before joining his catalog.