It is, without a doubt, one of the releases of the year, since in France it is already on sale and is having a great acceptance, especially because it has been approved as a quadricycle and therefore You can drive from the age of 15 with the required permit. It will arrive in Spain in March, from 6,900 euros, and will join the skates, bicycles and electric cars that increasingly populate cities. Because yes this It is a one hundred percent electric Citroën with which you can circulate in a carefree, practical and properly protected way from other vehicles and inclement weather.

Fifty years of the Citroën GS, daddy’s car

Defining it is complicated, so it is best to judge by what you see in the images and video that accompany this article. It should be remembered that we are in front of a “mobile object” 2.4 meters long (to get an idea, the Smart Fortwo measures 2.7 meters) designed to travel mainly through urban areas, but not only do you have to think about large cities, it also has a place in towns, large urbanizations or coastal areas, for example.

Citroën Ami through the streets of Madrid.

It is designed so that the expense is minimal both for manufacturing – in total it has less than 250 components – and for maintenance, so that the “Ami” blue color is the only option for the particular bodywork, but with the possibility of personalize the side protectors (“Airbumps”), the hubcaps and the side stickers through the “My Ami” packages in blue, orange, gray or khaki, which are what define the range, in addition to a wide assortment of accessories.

Its great arguments, therefore, an affordable price, a minimum size and high manageability. The limits, so to speak, are 45 km / h of maximum speed and 70 kilometers of autonomy.

Is this enough? If it can be charged daily, of course it can. Among other things, because it will never take more than three hours to regain power, and a household socket is sufficient.

Do you drive well?

Well, it is the question we asked ourselves before the expected presentation, which also took place in the heart of Madrid, and During our route we certainly attracted glances because of how different and daring this proposal is the lemon.

It is impossible not to compare the Ami with a car, but it is not, and that is evident. It is made of panels on a resistant metal tubular structure that serves to protect the occupants.

Citroën 2CV Proto. 1938
Did you know that the Citroën “2 horses” was born from a survey?

In motion it is somewhat rough, because it does not have power steering, but Its 470 kg make it manageable and it is easily maneuvered due to its good turning radius. The seats are also hard, but with a padding that allows you to be comfortable at the wheel. The driving position is far behind, and this, together with so much glazed surface, makes the view very panoramic. It almost looks like a virtual reality game. The “D”, “N” and “R” keys of the automatic transmission (to start, put neutral and reverse) are on the left side, next to the seat, and in the middle is the parking brake. The rest are holes and nets to transport things, including a space tailored to a cabin suitcase (the one that can be carried on airplanes) on the passenger side.

The engine makes a hissing sound, and acceleration is good for the meager 6 kW of engine power. For its part, the braking system acts forcefully – it does not have ABS or any other electronic system – and it is also not necessary to use it much, because the engine itself holds quite a bit when you take your foot off the gas pedal.

Only on the Internet

The Ami can be seen and played in dealerships, specific spaces or even at the Fnac, shop with which Citroën has reached an agreement to become part of the commercial network, but the purchase can only be made online through a specific website. At the moment it is not enabled, but it is expected to be active a few weeks before the start of commercialization, scheduled for March. The Ami can be received at home (with a surcharge and an explanatory session on its operation) or can be picked up at a dealer. The registration management will be in charge of Citroën, without additional costs, and The brand will also offer different assistance services, warranty extension and even insurance,in addition to financing formulas which are still under study but, if they resemble those in France – which is most likely -, They will allow you to acquire a Citroën Ami from 19.99 euros per month.