“We had to roam like raccoons”

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“An invisible danger put everything we believed in at risk … We gathered all our courage and did what was expected of us: absolutely nothing. To be as lazy as raccoons. “This is the forceful message of the last Bell launched by the German government to make the population aware of the importance of complying with the restrictions established to stop the spread of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19.

The video, which has quickly gone viral on social networks, shows an older man who plays a current young man in the middle of a pandemic. As if it were a veteran of the war, It begins by remembering what the world’s population is currently experiencing and sarcastically tells that everything they asked him to do, “the only right thing” to do, he did.

This was basically “being as lazy as raccoons. Day and night we had to leave our asses at home and thus we fight against the spread of the virus“says the video as it shows a young man lying on the couch watching television and drinking soft drinks.

Our sofa became our front and patience our weapon. Sometimes I smile when I look back. That was our destiny. This is how we become heroes at coronavirus winter 2020“ends the video.

The message that the German government has wanted to send ends with “become a hero too and stay home.”

This video even has a sequel in which the partner of the protagonist of the first shoot speaks. She sends the same message: “The whole country put their hopes in us young people. And we did: nothing. We roam at home and minimize our social life. And so we manage to beat Covid“recalls the female protagonist of the second video.


The campaign has been rated as “smart” and even “funny” by journalists like Richar Chambers. Other users of the networks have opined that the Germans “restrict the unnecessary use of humor only to emergency situations.” “German humor spreads throughout Spain”commented German correspondent Stefan Leifert.

Other netizens have criticized the ad, considering that “heroes are those who work hard to keep their businesses open, despite all restrictions. Telling young people to lie on the couch watching TV all day without studying or playing sports is a irresponsibility“.

“I do not like. Use militaristic language and abuses the concept of Held / Heldin out of place (since March we have been bombarded with this). They also appeal only to youth. With this announcement, the German government shows once again what German society is: an aging society, “said another user on Twitter.



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