Skoda’s one hundred percent electric SUV is by no means just another model. It is the first to be built on the MEB platform, designed for electric vehicles of the Volkswagen Group, within the Czech brand, and therefore opens a new stage, because a good number of models will come out of that same base in the coming years.

The Enyaq iV is, as you can see, a large and robust SUV. In dimensions it is close to the Skoda Kodiaq, but it is 4 centimeters shorter and it is also 6 centimeters lower. In any case, it will be a useful solution for the family or for leisure, and also an interesting electrical alternative due to its great autonomy. But we go in parts.

Aesthetically it attracts attention the front, which can optionally be decorated with an illuminated glass panel, called “LED Crystal Face”, resource that will undoubtedly differentiate it from many other models and that will create a trend, in our opinion. Without it, the grill, as it does not need cooling for the engine, is opaque. Other interesting details are the matrix headlights that you can equip and the 19 to 21 inch wheels with aerodynamic design.

You can see the rest of the details in the complete gallery that accompanies this article, but in any case We are talking about a generalist car with premium qualities in its most equipped versions, but all with a 13-inch multimedia and control screen and a spacious and comfortable cabin offering plenty of space for the occupants, in addition to a 585-liter boot.

The launch of the Enyaq iV will take place before the end of the year, but not all versions will be available. The access will be the “60”, with a 132 kW motor (the equivalent of 180 hp) and a 58 kWh battery that will allow you to have a average autonomy of 390 km according to the WLTP approval cycle. On the next step is the “80”, in its case with a 150 kW (204 hp) engine and a 77 kWh battery that offers 510 km of autonomy. Both, front-wheel drive, already allow a use very similar to that of gasoline cars, and also with very good performance.

As for the important factor of recharge times, the interval goes from 18 (small battery) or 24 hours (large battery) which would take on a home charger alternating current at 33 or 43 minutes on a 100 kW DC charger, in this case to recover 10 to 80% of the energy. For looking for a intermediate point, in an 11 kW station, the process depending on the battery is 6 and 8 hours.

The second half of next year will see complete the range with the all-wheel drive variant “80 x” and the sporty “RS”, both with the 77 kWh battery and an electric motor on each axis. The autonomy in this case is 463 km.

Regarding the equipment, each level of motorization has a series of elements “rigged”, which can be combined with environments interiors that decorate the dash, lights, upholstery and floor mats. The series is called “Loft”, and the staggering is growing in quality and price with the “Lodge”, “Lounge”, “Suite” y “Ecosuite”. Further, there are up to 20 packs with which to improve comfort and technological equipment, which will be as high as the budget can be, but it will not be by offer, since there is even the possibility of including an automatic parking system from outside the car.

He Starting price of the Skoda Enyaq iV is very competitive: 39,000 euros in the case of the “60” model and 45,000 in the “80”, but not including discounts. brand or government aid.