Electric, SUV, coupe, sports, spacious, technological, equipped … Is the e-tron Sportback 55 proven the ideal car? Well it can be what if and only the 88,000 euros what it costs, as corresponds to a model as refined and exclusive as is your case, they can divert our attention and keep dreaming about it.

Derivado of the e-tron that was introduced now a little over a year ago, the Sportback, and as this name indicates when the brand with the four rings applies it to one of its models, it is characterized by a sportier design that results in a rear with a line that drops the roof to get precisely that coupe effect and empathize with that customer who wants further distinguish between traffic.

With a length of 4.91 meters and a wheelbase of 2.29 meters, the same as its counterpart, the height dimension is precisely the only one that decreases and it does it in 2 centimeters. Anyway, and although this decrease is appreciated in the rear seats, we are not going to stop traveling in that area comfortably and spaciously at all. The absence of the central transmission tunnel and its generous battle they also help to achieve that goal.

Another point in its favor, and due to these changes, is limproved drag to target a Cx of 0.25 that will help improve energy consumption and be able to do more kilometers.

Almost 450 kilometers of autonomy

The point is that the figure of the e-tron Sportback has all the requirements to be an object of desire that is enhanced with its one hundred percent electric condition. Dispose of two engines (one on each axis) with a combined output of up to 408 hp and, in the case of 55 tested, is powered by a 95 kWh battery that allows a autonomy of 446 kilometers, a distance to consider within its category.

Also, in this version a lot has been done on the regeneration capacity that is considerably higher than that of the conventional e-tron for the aerodynamic improvements and the new development of electronic management.

On going, the German SUV is all genius. We already know how electric models accelerate, but this one with that power insists on making us smile whenever we prime ourselves with the gas pedal. All this despite a weight of 2.5 tons which seems to be much less not only when we accelerate (scores a 0 to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds) but when we are faced with a secondary road full of curves.

Obviously the inertias are there, but more than one you would be amazed at your cornering speed, the poise with which it does it and its powerful brake system. Quattro all-wheel drive and its low center of gravity, with the batteries placed under the ground, do the rest.

Regarding the options and battery charging time, this model it only takes half an hour to get 80% on a fast charge point, while in a conventional outlet of up to 11 kW of power it can be done in 9 hours.

Virtual exterior mirrors

Available with four levels of completion (Basic, Advanced, S Line and Black Line) the Sportback may include a advanced digital Matrix LED lighting system that practically turn night into day and it hardly dazzles oncoming cars.

Similarly, it should be noted optional virtual exterior mirrors using cameras, housed in the door panels, to project what is seen behind. Its resolution is impressive, although they require a certain period of adaptation to get used to this intelligent way of seeing things.

Inside the typical Audi style of the latest generation models, where appropriate with three large digital screens, the instrument panel, the central one (to handle the infotainment MMI) and a lower one with sizes of 12.3, 12 and 8.6 inches respectively.

For those users who do not need so much power, Audi, and as in the e-tron, offers the already known 50 quattro version with 313 hp of power and 341 kilometers of autonomy which, of course, is cheaper with a price from 75,430 euros.