After tthree years on the market, Cupra has already built its first one hundred percent car. Is about a coupe SUV with a length of 4.47 meters and a powerful 310 hp turbocharged engine and four-wheel drive.

It has certainly been one of the most anticipated models of this 2020 and it will give a lot to talk about. We are not facing a conventional car. Not much less. Spaniards are proud to have a product like this, manufactured in the plant that Seat has in the Barcelona town of Martorell, and that both for its appearance and its benefits is very ambitious to win a client that wants it all.

Of the five versions expected in their first life cycle, and among those that will not be missing even plug-in hybrid engines, the one equipped with the 2.0 TSI engine that we have tested this time is the one that opens the ban.

Sports performance

And he does it with great force and desire to please those who are at his command. The more than 300 CV available give a lot of play (less than 5 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km / h) and the elasticity shown from the first bars he falls in love as does his temperament when we put our foot on the gas pedal.

Of change, the usual and efficient seven-speed automatic DSG, we must speak in the same terms. The point is that marriage is perfect regardless of whether we use it in automatic mode one hundred percent or acting on the cams that we have on the steering wheel.

Not missing a most spectacular sound, that in the retentions causes a very sporty sensations, and four driving modes à la carte as they are Comfort, Sport, Copper and Individual.

With Four-wheel drive and fitted with a self-locking front differential, its cornering behavior is flawless. Sticks to the asphalt like limpet, there are hardly any losses of traction, and one can speak of GTI reactions without its greater weight causing any disturbance. The point is that there are few SUVs of the compact type that perform so well like the Formentor.

We are already clear that dynamically this car convinces a lot. If we analyze the interior we can speak in the same terms. Full of very sporty details, as are for example bucket seats, the quality of completion is very successful. The 12-inch digital center display whose only downside is that its operation is not very intuitive. The start button on the steering wheel, the tiny gear selector or bronze details, for me not very graceful that tonality, they collaborate to create an atmosphere of the most sporty.

A coupe-type SUV

On the outside, the photos say it all. The set is powerful and very balanced in the forms with that characteristic drop of the ceiling in the back area. The 19 inch wheels or the generous air intakes on the front also do not go unnoticed so that the Formentor between immediately through the eyes as we could see throughout this first contact.

At the moment, this version is the only one available from 46,920 euros. But if you don’t need that much power, in little less than a month the Formentor will be offered also con a 150 hp engine and front wheel drive. Later, in the early stages of next year, there will be an e-Hybrid version of 245 hp, like the one premiered at the León, and a 150 hp diesel.