We can now download the Go versions of Google apps even if we don’t have Android Go

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At the beginning of December 2017 Google released the Go version of its popular mobile operating system. The benefits of the “Lite” version of Android were intended for less powerful smartphones, like the Go versions of Google apps. But now Google lets you download the Go versions of its apps on regular Android.

At that time, Android 8.1 Oreo was the version that was transformed to adapt to users with cheaper devices and the Go version of Android 11 is now available -but has not yet begun to be distributed. To celebrate the occasion, perhaps, Google has decided to lift the download restrictions for Go apps.

Go versions of Google apps consume less data and less battery

What we see above is the Gmail Go interface, that is, the less powerful version of the popular Google app for managing and creating emails. What does it have different to offer compared to the regular version of this app? The interface is almost identical, we know, but the most relevant difference lies in its efficiency.

Gmail Go, like all other Go versions of Google apps, consume much less mobile data to function and also much less RAM.

Although smartphones are becoming more powerful in terms of technical specifications, there are those who only use the basic functions of Google apps and the use of so many hardware resources is nonsense. At the same time, the Go versions of these apps launch faster and their navigation is smoother.

After almost three years, Google lets you download the Go versions of its apps. The downloads can be done through its official application store, that is, the Google Play Store that comes pre-installed on most Android smartphones on the market -We are very sorry, Huawei smartphone users.

Source: Google Play Store


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