“We are going to have a difficult time until Biden assumes the Presidency”

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The victory of the Democratic candidate for the US Presidency, Joe Biden, marks the “beginning of the end” from the era of Donald Trump, the businessman turned politician who in four years has divided the country, has shaken the republican bases and leaves a multiple crisis to be solved by his successor.

Despite the numerous lawsuits his legal team has filed as his defeat became more predictable to challenge the electoral process and prevent certain votes by mail from being counted, nobody doubts, except for him and his unconditional, the validity of last Tuesday’s elections.

And the reason is that no one has been able to identify the reasons for the fraud that he has been denouncing since before the elections, in a strategy of putting the bandage on before the wound that he already prepared in the 2016 elections, although on that occasion he did not have to put it on. in practice due to the defeat of her rival, Hillary Clinton, by the poisoned Electoral College system, although not by popular vote.

Everything but looking like a loser

Despite the fact that the results of the elections confirm their defeat more and more clearly, given their character, Trump is not expected to admit her, and it is most likely that he will insist on the legal way to turn around a situation that appears irreversible.

“No one seems to be able to identify for now the bases of the accusations of fraud in the election process, nor in the Republican Party (…) we’re going to have a hard time from now until President-elect Biden takes office on January 20, “said Pope McCorkle, a professor at the Duke University School of Public Policy in North Carolina.

The Republican Party seems to have already turned his back in the way of legal and even “extralegal” resources that Trump has desperately undertaken, which represent putting into question the electoral and democratic American system itself.

“It’s going to be some time until the Republican Party admits defeat, and I don’t think President Trump ever will, but the Party does not seem to be supporting him “ because they don’t see their justified complaints either, McCorkle said.

For now, Trump leaves a Republican Party confused and without a clear direction that initially hesitated to lend his support and then he jumped on the bandwagon of power after his 2016 electoral victory.

“In other situations where it has been lost or challenged, the party reorganizes itself with generically different things or with adjustments. Maybe the Republican Party just need adjustments to get rid of the personal excesses of President Trump, “said the expert, who doubted that the situation is” desperate. “

Possible departure from Republicans

McCorkle anticipated a departure from the Republicans of Trump’s positions and complaints, because his permanence, presence and activity “they will be more of a problem” for the party than anything else.

And regarding the country, Trump will leave more divided and radicalized than four years ago, due to his sneaky support for racist groups, right-wing extremists, conspiracy believers, xenophobes and bigots who have given him their blind support.

These endorsements have also partly fueled the birth of movements such as ‘Black Lives Matters’, while his management of the coronavius ​​pandemic and your disdain for climate changeor they have also separated society.

The use of masks to avoid Covid-19 has become, even for many, a political statement, following his example, since for months he refused to wear them.

Trump, amplifier of polarization

The United States “has always been divided into two opposing ideological positions “, Professor Silvia Pedraza recalled, who indicated that with Trump that has been exacerbated.

“The level of polarization we have now it’s really extraordinary and I don’t think it’s healthy. “ added Pedraza, from the University of Michigan Department of Sociology and American Culture.

According to the researcher, after the Trump presidency “what is new is that the center seems to have disappeared. “

“Now the Democratic Party has gone far to the left with the impulse of Bernie Sanders and (Alexandria) Ocasio-Cortez, and the Republican Party has gone too far to the right with the impulse of the evangelicals, “said the expert.

Against this background, Biden has enormous challenges to face immediately, such as economic recovery, controlling the pandemic and unite society, problems that, with the exception of the first, seem to have not received enough attention from Trump, which could have cost him the presidency.



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