The covid-19 pandemic changed the way we operate in the outside world and that Waze He knows this perfectly well, so in the framework of Waze On, his first digital event, he announced a series of novelties that his users will want to pay attention to.

The company is clear that traffic is killing usEither because of the pollutants that are released into the air during traffic jams or because mental health deteriorates when exposed to prolonged periods of stress.

Heavy traffic and few roads is the problem detected by Waze, and the company says that the social distancing that has characterized 2020 provides an idea of ​​what the model of a future without traffic jams.

That is why it wants to strengthen Waze Carpool, the option that users support each other so that one is the one who drives a vehicle in which they will transport others whose destinations are on the road.

Another effort to eliminate traffic is in Live Map on the Web, a function with which you can plan a trip from the PC browser before starting it.

In this way, after scheduling a trip in the browser the itinerary is saved in the app so that it indicates the best time to leave, in attention to the traffic in real time.

To make travel more bearable is Trip Suggestions, as it shows personalized recommendations and anticipates what is on the way. There will be notifications that warn about delays and they will appear Destinations that may be of interest (like a gas station or a coffee to take a break).

On the other hand, Waze will expand the integration of Google Assistant with Spanish, French and Portuguese languages.

Finally, so that there is no need to switch between apps during the tours, there are accesses to services such as Spotify and Amazon Music (who just joined) directly from Waze.