It is not news that there are malicious applications on the Play Store And now a huge security hole has been discovered in a popular messaging platform.

We recently shared with you 19 Android Apps That Have Malware and that should be uninstalled right now from your mobile device.

Now, the protagonist of this article is named GO SMS Pro, a messaging application whose relevance is inevitable, since it accumulates more than 100 million downloads in the Play Store.

According to cybersecurity experts from Trustwave, this application contains many dangers, so it would be pertinent to remove it from your smartphone.

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The dangers of GO SMS Pro

In this report from Trustwave it turns out that GO SMS Pro It has been exposing the private data of users for months, without those responsible for the application having taken measures to prevent it.

The application has been exposing data such as images, videos and private files, among others, of its users, without their knowledge and consent.

A security flaw has been detected in the application code, due to which documents sent by a user through the app to another person who does not use the application means that these files are uploaded directly to the company’s servers.

The recipient of the message receives a link with which to access these files. Apparently, the company has been using automatically generated sequential addresses every time a file is shared.

Anyone who knows the pattern used to generate those addresses would have access to the files and that is what makes the platform an extremely dangerous hook for leaking confidential information.

The bug is likely to affect the version as well iOS from GO SMS Pro, but until there is a solution, it is recommended to avoid sending media files using the affected messaging application.

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Do you use GO SMS Pro?