Making video games in Mexico little by little it becomes a more common scenario and an example of this is the proliferation of initiatives such as the first Degree in Video Game Design and Production in the country, and the study ventures that aim to publish their titles on consoles.

Within the second scenario is the Mexican studio Ogre Pixel, who is currently working on Lonesome Village, a title that will appeal to those who like the Nintendo sagas Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda.

To learn more not only about the game, but also about the gestation and development process, we spoke with Steve Duran, founder of the studio and director of Lonesome Village.

The game began to take shape in late 2019 under the idea of ​​what a title of social simulation, style Animal Crossing, that had a plot and some dark tints, and that it was mixed with the element of exploration of Zelda.

That idea caused the project to be prototyped in this 2020, so that between March and April the works began in shape.

The crowdfunding campaign To fund the development was one of the points that were raised from the beginning, because when testing with the prototype they realized the real potential of the proposal. ‘How about we make it a console game?’, was the question that was asked in Ogre Pixel, without losing sight of the fact that this required another type of economic resource.

Lonesome Village is the first project of the study to PC and console, since he previously focused on the development of mobile titles, and that is why Durán and his team decided to ask people for support through Kickstarter.

At Ogre Pixel they measure money based on development time, and the budget raised gives them the certainty that they have at least one year to develop the whole game, but with a team focused exclusively on it.

How do you go about publishing an indie game on console?

Duran wanted Lonesome Village came out in Switch and in that sense it says that there is a registry on the developers site for Nintendo, where access to development kits for platforms like Nintendo DS and Wii U it is public.

But in the case of development tools Nintendo Switch, you need to send a pitch of the game.

‘We covered the entire process for Lonesome Village and it was a matter of waiting until we received the Nintendo authorization, dice.

How is the Kickstarter campaign going?

The campaign started on September, 17th and if it reached its goal, the game could run smoothly and be published in the window that the studio has in mind, which is during the third quarter of 2021.

We highlight the ‘arrived’ and the ‘could’, because fortunately for the study the campaign not only reached its goal, but overcame it in just 24 hours, with a collection of 529 thousand pesos of 420 thousand that were needed.

The bell will remain active the entire month that it is scheduled to last (ends on October 17) and at that time funds will continue to be received that will be destined to further enrich the gaming experience that Ogre Pixel originally had in mind.