The first woman in the United States Melania Trump has created the actual fuss with its altered appearance. President Donald Trump’s spouse was seen in public for a long time on Thursday as he boarded a helicopter with his loved one.

A recent image of a helicopter has got people looking for conspiracies excited. It tells about this, for example The Mirror.

Many seem to believe that the pictures do not feature Melania Trump at all, but her twin creatures. Based on the theory, numerous Twitter updates have been made comparing Trump and the “twin”.

Melania Trump’s twin has been rumored for a long time. For a moment, however, no new footage has come up for the rumors – before the fresh helicopter photos.

Believers in double-creature theory have shown that the smile of a “double-creature” is wider, he has fewer grooves on his face, and his teeth are also different. All pictures on the topic can be found on Twitter with the keyword #FakeMelania.

Many also believe that Trump has quietly gone for injections that have made the grooves disappear. However, different teeth injection treatments do not explain.

Donald Trump has not commented on the double creature claims in any way.