Safety on the road does not depend solely on the condition of the driver or the vehicle, if it does it at the same time of a whole series of factors such as the weather, the state of the road or the rest of the users of the road. The latter are, in fact, the ones that can put the road safety of others at risk the most.

This is the profile of the driver in an accident caused by alcohol

The calls kamikaze drivers and those who drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol represent a great danger for the rest of the pilots and passengers who circulate both on the road and in the city.

To try to stop them and warn other users of the presence of this type of driver, the Infotransit application for smartphones of the Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia, Created in collaboration with Bosch, it has added new functionality to its services.

This alert about kamikaze drivers works by comparing the information provided by the driver’s phone with the information available in the application. If the vehicle is moving in one direction and the app system compares the movements with those allowed on the road, it can find out if it is traveling in the opposite direction or not.

Double entry notices

The use of the mobile phone or the action of manipulating the navigator are the most common causes of road accidents.
Distractions are still the number one cause of traffic accidents

The Infotransit app warns both the kamikaze driver and other users in the event of detecting such a situation. The driver who circulates erroneously is given acoustic and light signals and the rest (as long as they have the application installed) are sent an alarm.

From Bosch and the RACC have reported that, Between 2014 and 2018, in Spain there were an average of 17 frontal accidents on motorways and motorways caused by vehicles traveling in the opposite direction or mistakenly taking a detour or exit. These situations are aggravated during the night hours or in bad weather situations, with heavy rain or fog.