Warner Bros. apologized after the complaints aroused by the movie The Witches

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The film starring Anne Hathaway was the target of the complaints made by associations that bring together people with disabilities in the networks.

In a clear manifestation of the changes that have ostensibly transformed certain codes of the entertainment industry over the last decade, Warner Bros. apologized, in response to complaints made by people with disabilities on social media about the film The Witches, just released by Anne Hathaway under the direction of Robert Zemeckis.

Powered by the phenomenon of viralization, the claims of different groups who share common interests or the so-called collectives convened around a specific cause or in defense of different identity or identification traits, found a degree of visibility in the networks that in other times would have been unthinkable.

In line with this phenomenon, which has given voice to minorities with a different character who for years did not find an appropriate channel to make themselves heard, the film company has responded with an apology to the critics who received the film The Witches, released on October 22.

Under Zemeckis, Hathaway performs in this new adaptation of the eponymous book by Roald Dahl to the Grand Witch, the villain of this story and who is in charge of a coven that turns children into mice.

The thing is, the Grand High Witch is missing several fingers, something that people with disabilities have connected with a disease called ectrodactyly.

Hence, individuals who felt affected individually and associations in defense of their rights have pointed out against The Witches, since, in his opinion, this representation of a disability linked to the most evil character and terrifying of a story contributes to perpetuate the stigmatization of these diseases.

“The difference in the limbs is not scary. Differences should be celebrated and disability has to be normalized, “said the official Twitter account of the Paralympic Games.

British swimmer Amy Marren, world champion and medalist at the Paralympic Games, was “disappointed” by the characterization of the Grand Witch in The Witches and criticized the use of “something that makes a person different” for a representation “that is scary.”

Complaints about The Witches continued on social media with the #NotAWitch tag (Not a witch), in which different users shared images of people with disabilities in their arms or hands.

In this sense, Warner Bros. assured that they are “deeply saddened” knowing that the characters of The Witches may have disturbed people with disabilities.

“By adapting an original story, we worked with designers and artists who came up with a new interpretation of the cat-like claws described in the book. It was never our intention that the spectators felt that these fantastic and non-human creatures were made to represent them, “the study said in a statement collected by US media.

“This movie about power, kindness and friendship. Our hope is that families and children can enjoy it and embrace its empowering and loving theme, “he added.

Source: EFE



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