The world’s largest company in terms of revenue, the U.S. Walmart chain, has decided to hide guns and ammunition from its thousands of stores. Washington Postin according to the reason for putting guns behind locks is the chain’s growing concern about unrest.

Walmart announced in a press release on Thursday that all of its customers will now be able to see and purchase guns and ammunition only upon request. The chain sells guns in about half of its stores, which total 4,700 in the United States.

– We have witnessed individual unrest. As before, we have decided to remove guns and ammunition from our sales floor. This is a precaution to ensure the safety of our customers and our employees, a Walmart spokesman said Kory Lundberg said in a press release released Thursday.

Walmart did not elaborate on the unrest it refers to in its release. However, according to Philadelphia media, at least one Walmart store was robbed of black Walter Wallace Jrin connection with riots related to the shooting of. Philadelphia police shot Wallace, who suffered from mental health problems, to death on Monday.

The decision to hide weapons is not the first of its kind. Some Walmartes also temporarily put their weapons behind locks in early June, George Floydin as a result of the huge riots that followed the shooting.

Record sales of weapons

Americans are known to love their weapons, and their sales have been exceptionally high this year.

In the early stages of the corona pandemic, it was reported that Americans began hoarding guns at a record pace in preparation for the social unrest possibly caused by the virus as well as restrictive measures.

In mid-March, U.S. arms dealers reported that arms sales had bounced up to three times normal. Sales of ammunition were also on the rise.

Arms sales have continued to be intense since the beginning of the pandemic. News agency According to Reuters the number of Americans buying their first gun has exploded in growth over the past year, and there have been almost twice as many new gun owners this year as in recent years.

addition to the unrest and increased violence concerns scientists are worried about the implications of the increased number of weapons.

Professor at Harvard University David Hemenwayn according to it, it is undeniable that the more guns there are in homes, the higher the number of suicides, firearms accidents, and domestic violence.

– It is clear that the more weapons there are, the more deaths, he says.