Waiting for a tough lockdown this week

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In view of the quiet families that on Sunday morning were taking their children out of the Plaza de Oriente, and of the couples who sat down to have an aperitif in the Belle Époque bars that flank the Royal Theater, nobody would say that Madrid is a city in high tension, which looks to a crucial week for its health and its economy. But in the Puerta del Sol, a few steps from the theater, one of the rallies of the day took place at noon against the selective confinements of neighborhoods decided by the Autonomous Community.

The local left exploits the nonsense that a neighbor from the poor districts can go to the rich areas to work, but not to walk. The demonstrations this Sunday, with the presence of councilors from Podemos and Mas Madrid -the party of Íñigo Errejón- Y with cries of “it is not confinement, it is segregation”, have gathered a few hundred people spread out in front of the palace where the president works Isabel Diaz Ayuso, also in front of the headquarters of the Autonomous Assembly and in two emblematic landscapes of Madrid workers converted into random police control points of confinement: the Vallecas Bridge and the Marqués de Vadillo roundabout.

In that square, a fountain has been buried by numerous banners calling for the resignation of Díaz Ayuso, but a parallel call for cacerolada against the president has not been very successful.

The place is not far from the Parque de Roma, on the shore of the M30, which has dawned with 53,000 small flags of Spain nailed to your lawn by the National Association of People Affected by Coronavirus. Thus they remember the dead of Covid that they count.

Wednesday, key

Madrid, city of caceroladas and flags, sees a severe increase in movement restrictions approaching for this week. It is not ruled out by any of the consulted Madrid health medical sources, which they are divided when it comes to expecting, much less wanting, a total closure of accesses. Most believe that this would exacerbate the problem. But they do agree on two bets: they discard the reopening of any district and believe that, at least, the restrictions that today affect only 45 basic health areas will be generalized to the entire region.

All It will depend on the contagion data that can be read on Wednesday, ten days after the entry into force of the first semi-confinements announced by the president on Friday 18. It is the minimum term to see the effects of the measure, they explain.

A singular tweet has contributed to the gloomy atmosphere of the city since Friday night. In it you can see that scene from the movie Titanic in which the orchestra decides to stay on deck playing the “Cerca de ti, Señor & rdquor; while the ship is sinking. Accompanying the video is a phrase: “Good luck.” Signature Yolanda Fuentes, the director of Community Public Health who resigned last May.

And adds pessimism to forecast of strike called for this Tuesday by CCOO among the funeral home workers municipal. They protest because there is no contingency plan in the face of the second wave of the pandemic. Funeral parlors they see “probable” that the improvised morgues will be repeated, the cremations of Madrilenians hundreds of kilometers from their city and the unacceptable delays for the removal and burial of the deceased, “they say in a statement.

Orange bridge

Since the resignation, this Saturday, of Emilio Bouza, the doctor who, as spokesman for the Covid Group, was going to act as a bridge between the central and regional governments, the Community of Madrid has sent the message through various channels that it will accept the harsh restrictions demanded by the minister Salvador Illa with two conditions: that the same measure is requested from other communities, and that PCR tests be carried out on those who arrive by Barajas and the AVE.

The regional vice president, Ignacio Aguado, from Ciudadanos, has been presented this Sunday as a new bridge calling on social networks to “a ceasefire” to the ministers Illa and Carolina Darías, of Territorial Policy. The two They have answered in the same way, indicating that Madrid must follow “science and health technicians.”

It is debated, in the background, if the ratio of 1,000 infections per 100,000 neighbors or 500 per 100,000 are enough to confine the city and its conurbation. But there is also a whole discussion on the territorial model, and on how far an autonomous government can maintain its criteria versus the central executive.

Starting Wednesday, if not earlier, Illa will solve the dilemma. Meanwhile, the Government of Spain has leaked a warning: you do not need a 155 or any exceptional law to take control of the Madrid health; Enough Article 65 of the decree of new normality of June 9, that paragraph that gives primacy to the ministry in situations of “special risk or alarm for public health.”



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