Vw fears it can’t keep up with Tesla: what’s happening to the German stock in Wolfsburg

Tesla is definitely preparing to start production at the grow near Berlin, its first stock in Europe. He chose, most likely not coincidentally, Germany – the nation that gave the giant Volkswagen class. The competition promises to be interesting.

Tesla has big plans to develop in Europe and it all depends on its first factory on the region, namely the one near Berlin. Generation will begin there next summer, yet this move is also a challenge for your Volkswagen giant. Americans only help to make electric cars, although the level of ability is intuited.

But the Germans are also starting to push in this way and they have been launching electric products on this market for several years now. Now, the German group has found itself inside own country with the strongest compete with in this field. And you have to force a little.

Volkswagen is preparing for Dealing with Tesla

The CEO of the The german language group, Herbert Diess, told the highest managers that he had to set up our factory in Wolfsburg, the largest VW grow in Germany. Sources close to the condition claim that Diess would have immediately wanted an upgrade to that factory, in an attempt to bring the latest technologies related to electrical vehicles.

About 800,000 cars and trucks are made there every year, which is a large numbers. Diess is, in fact, looking to continue to be competitive in the production of electric models in addition to beyond, given that Musk said his / her factory near Berlin will better this way cars are made. Now the Germans want to keep up.

VW wishes to reduce production time for a car just to 10 hours, which is about half time a Golf or Tiguan is actually out of production, the main models being created at the Wolfsburg plant. Diess statements that Volkswagen will be a benchmark from the manufacture of electric cars and every thing will start with this plant.

In various other words, Tesla’s arrival in European countries makes other manufacturers produce wiser and better. And that means, in fact, this gain of consumers. When the environment is exceedingly competitive, the prices are fair along with the consumer has an advantage.


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