Voting in Buenos Aires: Bolivians, between optimism and the desire to return

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Clarín toured the schools authorized for suffrage in the city. A total of 142,568 people will be able to do it in the country.

The large number of Bolivians in Argentina made the elections that take place this Sunday in the neighboring country also very strong in our country. In the City of Buenos Aires, in the schools that were enabled to vote, optimism and desire to return to Bolivia were present.

Lorenza voted at Bartolomé Miter Elementary School. “I have lived in Argentina for 45 years. I came to look for a better future. But the truth is that now the situation is dire and I am here to hope that these elections will improve the situation in my country and be able to return,” he tells Clarion.

A total of 142,568 Bolivians are authorized to vote in Argentina, home to the largest Bolivian community abroad and where former Bolivian President Evo Morales has also resided since last December, who today called for the right to vote to be exercised “peacefully”.

Of the total of about 7.3 million Bolivians who go to the polls this Sunday to elect a president for the 2020-2025 period, 301,631 are registered abroad and, of that total, 47% are registered in Argentina, where some 450,000 Bolivians officially reside.

Not very different is the situation in Samuel, who came to Argentina 20 years ago from Cochabamba. Her wish was to find a better quality of life and to be able to help her family. But today he is in financial trouble and hopes that these elections will change things in his country.

“When I came, my country was bad. But then that situation changed. I want to vote for things to return to normal. What is happening in Bolivia is terror. Since the coup d’état began, the country collapsed with the economic growth it was experiencing, “he says.

And he adds: “I go back every year and I see that things are very bad and that people are very worried.” If the government changes, Samuel assures that “I would live in Bolivia again” with the illusion of a new beginning.

Mariela also has the desire for unification, who arrived from Sucre ten years ago and hopes that “the elections will improve the political environment and unify the country.” He assures that “everything is very divided” and that “people are having a bad time.”

“We hope that with this vote things will improve. You have to forgive the past and look to the future. It is the only way to get ahead. Otherwise we are going to get stuck as we did historically and that will be the end of the country, “he adds.

Pastor, who arrived in Argentina in 1993 also from Cochabamba, works in construction and hopes that after the elections, “whoever wins, does the best for the country”. And he says that his relatives “who live there” told him that “now, more or less, the situation is fine.”

“They are better than here. I hope that these elections will help us to have a more united country,” he concludes.

The particular feature of this election is the presence in Argentina of former Bolivian President Evo Morales, resident in Buenos Aires since last December and who from this city has commanded the campaign of his party, the Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS), which leads as presidential candidate to Luis Arce.

“We call on you to peacefully exercise your right to vote as it has always been and is the vocation of the Bolivian people to turn Election Day into a democratic holiday,” Morales said this Sunday through his Twitter account.



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