In the United States, there have been numerous cases in a short space of time in which attempts have been made to influence people’s voting behavior through threatening messages.

Police recently arrested a man in Maryland who had left a very harsh letter to a house in front of the president Joe Bidenia sturdy sign.

– This is a warning … If you are a supporter of Biden / Harris, you will be targeted.

– We are the ones with scary weapons. We are the ones from which your children will see nightmares, the letter read.

Behind the letter is a 42-year-old man named James Reed. He has admitted to writing the letter and is suspected of threatening voters and threatening with mass violence. In the same letter, he also threatened to abduct Biden and the vice presidential candidate Kamala Harrisin as well as first hacking Biden into a spirit swarm, raping Harris with a rifle, and executing both on a TV broadcast.

– If Biden / Harris wants a war, they get one, that means, of course, the Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the man writes with reference to the movements against which the president Donald Trump has spoken quite strongly.

According to media reports, Reed, who is passionate about gun rights based on the letter, has told investigators of his case that things like his actions happen because of the “political climate”. He is an old acquaintance of the U.S. Secret Service, as he had threatened a protected person six years ago.

Did Iran act as an extreme right?

On Wednesday, the head of the U.S. National Intelligence Service, overseeing all U.S. intelligence services John Ratcliffe said Iran and Russia are trying to interfere in the election.

In this regard, Iran has allegedly sent scam messages aimed at “intimidating voters, causing chaos and harming President Trump”. According to a spokesman for the UN mission in Iran, the allegation of Iran’s involvement is false.

According to administrative sources, those emails are the same ones that recently came out in Florida, where messages were sent to registered voters on behalf of the far-right organization Proud Boys.

– Vote for Trump on election day or we’ll come after you. Change your party stance to Republicans so we know you’ve received our message and obey. We get to know who you voted for, the message read.

They also mentioned the recipient’s home address.

U.S. authorities are now investigating possible hacking of the Proud Boys website and network.

It is sometimes a far-right organization resorting to violence, which the President refused to publicly condemn in the first election debate.

– Proud Boys, stay in the background and stay ready, Trump said when asked to condemn the organization.

Immediately afterwards, he said that violence is not a problem for the right but for the left, and that “someone should do something for Antifa and the left”.

The Proud Boys took a booth from the phrase and started printing it on t-shirts. Experts and many others interpreted Trump’s speeches so that he could potentially benefit from far-right violence in the future. In retrospect, in an interview with Fox, Trump said he condemned all supporters of white supremacy, Ku Klux Klan and Proud Boys.

Fear in polling stations

U.S. authorities are also preparing for harassment in the urn, and for good reason, as there are already indications of it all over the country. In Pennsylvania, for example, the Philadelphia authorities sent “election observers” illegally sent to polling stations by a group of Trump’s campaigners.

In Virginia, Trump supporters blocked access to one polling station last month and forced authorities to escort voters to the polling station.

In Minnesota, on the other hand, a private security company has hired former soldiers to guard polling stations, which in turn has raised fears in the authorities that informal armed individuals might harass or put pressure on voters, which is illegal.

North Carolina recently issued guidelines to election commissions on what is and what is not allowed at a polling station.

– It is not appropriate or permissible for law enforcement officers to be present at polling stations, the guide said and stated that their presence may feel pressure from voters.

Of course, the police are allowed to drive past polling stations while supervising security and directing traffic or parking, but even in the latter case, they must be in civilian clothes.

Polling stations typically have election observers from parties and non-governmental organizations, which are subject to state-specific statutory rules and must normally be registered as observers in advance.

Some NGOs and Democrats argue that Republicans have used to intimidate voters in the past and intend to do so now.

The Republican National Committee (RNC), which recruits election observers, denies this and says that observers involved in Trump’s campaign are being trained to be polite and respectful and to act in accordance with the law. According to the RNC, the intention is to get more people to vote and not the other way around. However, the message from the campaign agency was quite different.

– We all know that Democrats are doing their old dirty tricks again on polling day to make sure President Trump does not win. We can’t let that happen, Trump’s spokesman said Erin Perrine says election observers and other volunteers in a catching recruitment video.

Trump himself has urged his voters to “go to the polls and look very closely” at what is happening to them. He has also, against all the facts stated by experts and authorities, argued that there is fraud in the election. So Trump falsely claimed even after the last election, trying to believe he would have won the entire nation in terms of votes without cheating.