Vota Juan is here, the Spanish comedy that takes politics in an ironic key

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This Tuesday the 3rd, Flow will premiere this series starring Javier Cámara, which composes a candidate in the campaign, capable of all lowliness.

Finally arrives Vote Juan to Argentina. Starting Tuesday, November 3, they will be available on Flow the two full seasons of the Spanish series that was all the rage in his country.

This comedy delves into the world of politics from irony and humor. The series was such a success in Spain, to the point that its main character, Juan Carrasco, became an example of everything that a politician should not do.

The consecrated Javier Chamber (Hable con ella, Truman, The Young Pope, The New Pope) is the absolute protagonist. He is in charge of giving life to Carrasco, a mediocre politician who has dreams of greatness and a great vocation for public service.

In the eight chapters – half an hour – of the first season, Vote JuanCarrasco is a Minister of Agriculture who wants to appear in the primaries of his party and be able to run for the Presidency of the Government. For that, a campaign team will help you make up for your inexperience and lack of political ability with a good dose of improvisation and mischief.

Carrasco dives into the campaign to win the primaries and from there hit the jump, with more clichés than ideas. It’s clumsy, corrupt, incoherent, and highly entertaining for the viewer. His team does not help, but accompanies: between the complacent and the incorrigible subject who always disagrees, Macarena wins a place, the one who understands it like nobody else.

María Pujalte is the actress who plays Carrasco’s communication director and right-hand man. If you have to lie to him, he lies to him, if you have to encourage him, he encourages him, if you have to leave him … he stays. Macarena is one of the loyal. Pujalte is known for María Bolaño, the unorthodox professor of Philosophy who did in Merlí: Know Aude.

Here their role is completely different. Macarena has no problem modifying her ideology if Juan asks her to.. It is that he does not care about the means to reach the presidency and he sets up all kinds of crazy party intrigues, generating envy and crises everywhere.

Between joke and joke, the series critiques the world of politics with high ground: comedy can be the best weapon to tell truths without falling into solemnity.

After Vote Juan a second season came with a name change, Come on Juan, in which it is shown that in politics you can always go lower. There are seven episodes that will also be available on Flow from November 3.

This sequel takes place two years after his political rise: Juan Carrasco is working as a Biology teacher at an institute in his hometown. But even though he leads a quiet life, neither his ambition nor his vocation were extinguished.

Although Javier Cámara was already a renowned actor before this series, Carrasco is perhaps his most popular role to date. It earned him several awards and nominations in Spainincluding the Feroz Award and the Actors Union Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. In addition, he was nominated for the Fotogramas Awards and the Platino Awards.

In addition to Pujalte, the cast is completed by Adam Jezerski, Joaquín Climent, Anna Castillo, Jesús Vidal, José Manuel Cervino and Alberto San Juan, among others.

The creator creator and showrunner of the series is Diego San José, screenwriter of the blockbuster film Eight Basque surnames. The different directors of the episodes were David Serrano, Víctor García León, Borja Cobeaga and even Javier Cámara himself, who made his directorial debut in the sixth episode from the second season, titled “Istanbul.”

Juan Cavestany, Víctor García León, Tom Fernández, Daniel Castro and Pablo Remón also worked in the development of scripts, together with San José.


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