We do not see solid particles smaller than 2.5 microns flying and spreading in the air, yet we must be seriously afraid of them: for this fine powder is deposited in the lungs and trachea; according to scientific calculations, as early as 2015, about 9 million people died worldwide due to this.

Masks that are able to filter out these harmful substances from the intake air, speciel point, also catch the coronavirus (more precisely, its specimens that spread to the particles), which is why they have received a lot of publicity and have become the world’s most sought-after consumer goods for some time.

But now it’s not about the masks, it’s about Volvo equipping its large models with such a PM 2.5 quality filter: the S60 / S90 sedans, the V60 / V90 station wagon, and of course the XC60 / XC90 recreational vehicles. The synthetic filter captures 95% of the 2.5 micron fine dust particles, so we can effectively suck in healthier air in the car than on the street or even at home.

The filter can be pre-programmed from a smartphone anyway, so by the time we get in the car in the morning, purified air is waiting for us.

According to Volvo, they are the first in the world to have a PM 2.5 filter. That was the case, but they didn’t win much: today, the newly revamped Jaguar F-Pace also offers a similar feature.