The accident victim extraction specialists from Volvo’s safety center they usually use crashed vehicles. Now, and for the first time, they have wanted to go a little further so that the rescue teams can face any type of collision with more guarantees and simulate the forces that occur in the most severe impacts, beyond what is possible with ordinary tests. To that end, have dropped several new vehicles from a crane at a height of 30 meters several times.

Typically, these teams practice with junkyard cars. However, these units usually have up to two decades old so that the strength of steel, the structure of the safety compartment or the overall durability are not the same than those of a recently invoiced car.

That is why it is vitally important that rescue personnel are always up to date, be familiar with the latest models and discuss your methods to develop new extraction techniques.

This is the shocking simulation process.

Help rescue teams

These training sessions can make the difference between life and death. So, at the request of rescue services, Volvo has created enough damage as to adequately simulate those produced in the most serious collisions: very high speed single vehicle accidents, impacts in which a vehicle collides with a truck at high speed or those in which a car receives a strong side impact.

In these situations it is likely that the condition of the vehicle occupants is critical. Thus, the highest priority is to remove passengers from the vehicle and transport them to the hospital within 60 minutes since the accident or “Golden hour” as it is called.

All findings arising from collisions and subsequent extraction maneuvers will be collected in a comprehensive investigation report. This report will be made available to the rescue personnel from all over the world for free so can benefit from the results and keep honing your skills.