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Driving experience instead of brute force: this principle guided the development of the first-generation Golf GTI Clubsport, introduced in 2016 at the time. The successor also follows this approach: with its newly tuned chassis, a setting specifically designed for the Nordschleife and, of course, a power output of 300 horsepower, it offers a special experience.

The chassis has been given a new vehicle dynamics control system. The same system of the Golf GTI in the field can also influence the electronic differential lock and some elements of the adaptive suspension, but GTI Clubsport also includes the electromechanical differential lock in this circle. Coordinating the various systems promises more precise, neutral reactions than ever before, according to the manufacturer.

Thanks to the electronic control, the engineers have also implemented a special gag: a Nürburgring program that specifically adjusts the settings to the conditions of the German racetrack.

You don’t have to drive the car to recognize the GTI Clubsport: the GTI grille is standard, but the double rear wing can only be found on this model – which (along with the first apron) has a real aerodynamic effect anyway.

The 18-inch wheels, custom diffuser, 10mm seating and wider thresholds effectively testify to the capabilities of the 400 Nm engine – the manufacturer has not yet provided the expected driving dynamics data. The point is made up of two pairs of oval exhaust placed on the i.



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