Vlasic, a former high jumper, was praised by Djokovic for his Olympic participation

Novak Djokovic was unsure for a long while whether he would take part in the Olympic Games at Tokyo. Novak Djokovic almost gave up on the idea of having an audience. But a conversation with Blanka Valasic, a former high jumper changed his mind.

“She told me recently that people only remember medal winners.” Djokovic said that people don’t remember the details or whether fans were present.

“Those comments stuck with my heart. I am happy to be a part of the Games. After an excellent season, I am determined to be my best and confident I can win gold.

Vlasic was a multiple world champion and won two Olympic golds for Croatia. Vlasic won bronze in 2016 and silver in 2008. She retired from the sport at 37 because she was too afflicted by injuries.

Djokovic can make history

Djokovic already won the Australian Open Roland Garros, Wimbledon and Wimbledon this year. If he wins the Games and then the US Open, he’ll be the first male tennis player in history to win four Grand Slams and Olympic gold in the same year. It was achieved by Steffi Graf in 1988 for the women.

“I want it to all out now,” Djokovic said. He is currently on par with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Rafael Nadal in Grand Slam titles. Djokovic is also the only man who holds the record for winning the US Open.

Djokovic is the only competitor at the Games against Federer and Nadal. Nadal was injured so Djokovic did not travel to Japan. Dominic Thiem is also affected by this, and the men’s tournament has been markedly devalued.



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