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The President of Peru, Martin Vizcarra, affirmed in the United Nations General Assembly, that the COVID-19 pandemic is “the greatest challenge” facing humanity since the Second World War.

During his presentation to the UN Assembly, the Peruvian leader reiterated his support for multilateralism and reaffirmed his “commitment to continue the joint and unavoidable effort to combat this pandemic.”

The president of the fifth country most affected in the world by the epidemic, with more than 772,000 cases So far, he expressed his “solidarity and affection” with all the people who have lost loved ones due to this disease and remarked that its impact “will not allow anyone to be safe until we are all safe.”

Effective measures in Peru

He added that for this reason, he encourages “all” the countries to join “in this fight jointly and effectively” and accept his position that both the vaccine as the eventual treatments that are achieved, they must be recognized as “global public goods”.

At another point in his speech, Vizcarra assured that the measures his country took to coping with COVID-19, which included one of the first quarantines ordered in the world since last March, “have saved thousands of lives, despite the painful and high death rates”, which so far exceed 31,000 cases.

He assured that now, six months later, “the figures begin to decline” steadily in Peru.

Economic effects of the pandemic

Vizcarra also said that “despite the macroeconomic strength In Peru, the pandemic has accentuated and exposed the structural weaknesses generated by informality, “so that his government has implemented” one of the most important economic plans “in the region, with an investment of 20% of internal GDP.

“These measures will support rapid growth,” he said before adding that “Peru remains committed to achieving the objectives of sustainable development and that “the 2030 Agenda continues to be the roadmap that guides” the decisions of his regime.

Vizcarra also recalled that since he assumed the leadership of the State two and a half years ago, after the resignation of the economist Pedro Pablo Kuczynzki, his country has faced several crises in its fight against corruption, the defense of democracy and “now with the pandemic“.

“Given this, our responses have been built on constitutional bases, in respect of Peruvian laws,” he emphasized.

Fight against corruption

The Peruvian ruler added that the frontal fight continues “against the scourge of corruption“and that, for that reason, the so-called” Lima Commitment for Democratic Governance against Corruption “was adopted at the 2018 Summit of the Americas.

He added that together with Colombia “and other friendly countries,” the convocation of a UN General Assembly against corruption, to be held in June 2021, was also promoted. Vizcarra also said that “the democracy and the separation of powers have been strengthened and preserved in his country “, after the political crisis that last year led him to dissolve Congress and call legislative elections.

Democratic transition

After indicating that he has also summoned general elections By April 2021, he ratified that he will hand over the command to his successor on July 28, 2021, the day that will also be the bicentennial of Peru’s independence.

The president also recalled that his country “is particularly vulnerable to climate change“and is” committed to the national implementation of the Paris Agreement “, since” the sustainable conservation of the Amazon is another priority. “

“Peru has an unalterable commitment to peace-keeping and international security, “he said before recalling the Peruvian diplomat Javier Pérez de Cuellar, who was secretary general of the UN for two consecutive periods and died this year.



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