Vivo presents the Vivo IFEA: the first smartphone with a detachable camera

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Vivo was the first manufacturer to start a trend for concept smartphones exploring technologies still in their experimental state for the first time. First came the APEX with intra-display fingerprint sensor and intra-display camera. But the new Vivo IFEA comes with a detachable and periscope camera.

As they read it: the Vivo IFEA has a front camera that in addition to sliding up after hiding in its own overhead compartment, it can also be disassembled when connected through what appears to be a pin system. And this was the design that won him the Red Dot Design Award given by the homonymous website.

Details of Vivo smartphone with detachable camera

Not satisfied with this unique feature that the Vivo IFEA sports, its detachable camera does not stop working once it is detached from the smartphone in question. How can we continue to interact with this piece after disconnecting from the central device? Through voice commands.

One of the benefits of this type of design is all the prominence that the screens of these smartphones have in their front designs. Paired with especially slim bezels, the Vivo IFEA has a screen-to-chassis ratio of over 95%. Ideal for choosing an OLED display that completes the presentation.

The Vivo IFEA comes with a detachable camera, the only one in the world, and it is a pity that its manufacturer has not mentioned at all estimated dates for the commercialization of the device. It has not even said if the Vivo IFEA is in a position to be eventually released.

For now, we will have to marvel at the creativity of its design but the Vivo IFEA is nothing more than a concept.

Via: Gizmochina


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