Viviana Sposub and George Burcea are contestants in the show Ferma, from PRO TV. Although the filming ended, the two became very close on the show, and are currently in love, according to

As in the case of the actor George Burcea, her health is very good, and the only symptoms were only a few days ago.

“After As George was tested positive for the new coronavirus, I decided to schedule a test. I just received the result and it was confirmed that I also had the virus. At the moment we are both feeling well, and for the next period we will be isolated at home. We keep you updated on our condition, but I am sure that we will get over this moment well “, the TV presenter transmitted.

Viviana Sposub PHOTO Facebook

“That’s right, I was diagnosed with the new virus – COVID – 19. I want to assure you that I feel good, I have no symptoms at the moment and I immediately isolated myself in the house. At the same time, I called “I got in touch with everyone I came in contact with and I told them about the test result. I am optimistic and I am sure that I will overcome this new challenge in life, as soon as possible,” said George Burcea.

Viviana Sposub has COVID-19. What is the state of the competition from "Ferma": We will be isolated at home
George Burcea PHOTO PRO TV