Former driver Vitaly Petrov is in the news again this weekend, although this time it is not because of his work as commissioner of the Portuguese GP or because of the criticism he has raised in the LGBTQ + movement for his homophobic comments, but because of a personal tragedy.

His father, Alexander Petrov, have been murdered at his family home in the Russian city of Vyborg, very close to the Finnish border. According to various media in the country, the businessman has been found with signs of having been shot, although the details of what happened have given rise to numerous details. From 47News suggest that he may have been the victim of a sniper. This media indicates that Petrov was shot when he was leaving a bathhouse near a river and fell on the shore.

Alexander Petrov was an important businessman in the area, as well as a provincial deputy for the party United russia, that of Vladimir Putin. His relevance in Vyborg was such that, de facto, he was considered the ruler of the city. In his youth he was a boxer, although he did not become a professional.

Thanks to his businesses, mainly focused on maritime trade and the naval world – he owned the city’s shipyards -, in addition to his political connections, he was able to help his son to climb in motor racing (he was himself an amateur driver in his youth) until reaching Formula 1.

Vitaly Petrov, driver of the Gran Circo between 2010 and 2012, made his debut this weekend as a sports commissioner in Portimao, but he left Portugal as soon as he heard the news to head home. He will be replaced by the former Portuguese driver Bruno Correia.