Vital hours for Brexit: complaints together with pulls on the edge of the deadline day to negotiate a deal

Britain and the European Union debate non-stop to get to a consensus before Sunday. This points in contention.

With or maybe without agreement. The “moment involving truth” is coming for Great Britain as well as the European Union, which must decide if that they find the possibility of achieving a free industry agreement before December 31 or perhaps the divorce is finalized to continue running according to the rules of the Organization Planet Trade.

Only 48 time remain before British legislators could be summoned from their recess to accept or reject the agreement acquired and the legislators of the European Legislative house review it urgently. A process of which for them is not credible if accomplished quickly.

“It’s like forever in politics, it always happens final,” Guy Verhofstadt, the Brexit coordinator in the European Parliament, advised the British press.

A good Brexit that was imposed 4 . 5 years ago in the kingdom, in the middle of an excellent campaign, and ends up being explained with digital conferences, chinstraps, required social distance and differences within recovery funds after the pandemic. A mirrored image of the new times and how very much the world has changed since the No on the EU won in Great Britain.

British Leading Minister Boris Johnson and Western Commission President Usula von seiner Leyen spoke on Thursday nights to agree on disputes. Boris named on the EU to forget the needs that allow Brussels to subsidize industries across Europe, when it declines Britain the same rights.

Western negotiator Michael Barnier had needed Brussels aid to be exempted by any future subsidy control routine as part of the Brexit deal. Boris advised von der Leyen that “this exemption allowed the EU to help unfairly support European industries even though putting British ones at a cut-throat disadvantage.”

The point became good because of the funds of 750,thousand million euros for the recovery on the pandemic, agreed at the last Western summit. They will be used for direct assistance to different industries in various countries, that are rivals of Great Britain, such as Portugal, Italy and Spain. It is not a place that Britain wants to accept, as soon as Europeans suspect that Boris Johnson’s purpose is to turn the kingdom into “the Singapore of the Thames.”

“It’s totally asymmetrical and it’s not a thing we can sign off on,” said a Downing St. supply.

The issue delayed negotiations, that have been more optimistic in tone. Many people even talked about an agreement for Thursday and the weekend call of the English Parliament.

In this “give together with take” game, Britain has made that clear that they will not return to the particular negotiating table after December 23, when the transition period is over. They will negotiate under the rules on the WTO, with its high tariffs. Europeans believe that negotiations must continue, without having self-imposed limits, which harm everybody.

“Negotiations continue but factors appear difficult,” according to Meeks. “Obviously the British position is we want to continue talking if there is any kind of possibility of an agreement before December 23,” said the British leading minister.

But everything returns on the beginning: sovereignty. The need for the English to control their own laws, which is exactly who voted for in Brexit, together with consider their waters sovereign, while using rights in it.

The other huge point of contention is Fishing, under pressure from President Emmanuel Macron on behalf of French fishermen, who want admission to sovereign British waters.

Boris Johnson on Friday urged the particular EU to “use common sense” and make Britain a better offer. The best minister said the UK must be capable of controlling its own fishing laws and privileges to close any deal or it can “prosper tremendously” under the terms of the Planet Trade Organization.

“I say that things are looking difficult and a gap to be bridged. We have accomplished a lot, I think, to try to help and now we hope that our friends from the EUROPEAN UNION will have common sense and come to the particular table with something themselves,” he pointed.

It all arrived after European negotiator Michel Barnier told the European Parliament that it is the “moment of truth” from the Brexit trade talks, with “only a few hours” to reach an agreement.



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