The 72nd Emmy Gala began on Monday morning at three Finnish time with the gala host Jimmy Kimmelin under. Kimmel will host the gala from an empty theater in Los Angeles as the award winners receive their honors from home remotely.

– Welcome to Pand-Emmys! Kimmel opened the show. The empty seats of the theater have been filled with cardboard pictures of the candidates. A few guests will appear alongside Kimmel in the broadcast on-site, such as the nominee for Best Actress in a Drama Series Jennifer Aniston.

“TV Series Oscar-winning” Emmy winners will give their speeches at home. Candidates for production have been encouraged to be creative in creating the environment.

Actor Brian Cox told the BBC earlier this week that the production will send an Emmy-vertical winner home.

– Outside my front door is a man with Emmy, whom I may not even beat! In front of the home of every Emmy nominee is a man waiting with an award, Cox says.

The beginning of the gala has been Canadian Schitt’s Creek comedy series celebration, as the first seven Emmy verticals have ended up with the creators of the series.

The award rain brought Schitt’s Creek’s fellow manager into an apparently ecstatic state.