An incident took place off the British Isles of Wight on Sunday in which seven stowaways are suspected of attempting to hijack a tanker.

The smugglers hiding in the Liberian oil tanker Nave Andromeda began to threaten the ship’s crew and become violent, causing the crew members to lock themselves in safety and alert for help.

The British Ministry of Defense reacted quickly to the case.

According to the BBC, police asked for help from British naval special forces, who got on board by helicopter. Minister of Defense Ben Wallace and Interior Minister Priti Patel approved the military’s participation.

The operation was over in nine minutes after British troops had arrested seven stowaways on suspicion of an abduction attempt.

– I thank the army forces and the police for their hard work and the protection of human lives and the security of the ship, Minister of Defense Wallace.

Patel, for his part, praised the military’s prompt and determined work.

BBC reporter Jonathan Beale says the smugglers suspected of the abduction quickly surrendered in the face of overwhelming resistance.

In addition to special forces, at least six helicopters and British naval divers participated in the operation, according to Beale.