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At least one protester was shot in the head during a protest in Port au Prince, coinciding with a warning issued by the UN Security Council regarding the risk that these tensions destabilize Haiti.

Protesters were protesting to demand justice for the student death Grégory Saint-Hilaire, who was killed by shots allegedly fired by a presidential guard policeman last Friday on the university campus.

Social anger

This Monday, several vehicles were set on fire during the protest and protesters set tires on fire to block several avenues in the Haitian capital. Riot police fired tear gas and shot into the air repeatedly to disperse the crowd.

A protester died of a head shot during the protest on Monday, according to an Efe journalist.

The trigger for the protest was the death of student Grégory Saint-Hilaire during another demonstration organized last Friday by students from the Higher Normal School, an institution that depends on the State University of Haiti, to protest educational policy issues.

Police violence

According to the students, the perpetrator of the shot He was an agent of the General Security Unit of the National Palace (USGPN), a special body destined to protect the Government headquarters, located in front of the university campus.

In a published note, the Rectorate of the State University of Haiti condemned the death of the student, which it described as a “heinous and hateful act”.

“The Rectorate denounces, strongly condemns the arbitrary and permissive climate that, once again, sows mourning in society and even within the university (…) How long will we continue counting corpses in our ranks? “says the statement.

Very tense atmosphere

In the last two months there have been numerous protests in Haiti to protest the wave of violence that crosses the country. The murder that caused the most consternation was that of the head of the Bar, Monferrier Dorval, who was shot outside his home in one of the safest neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince on August 28.

In parallel, in September there was a series of violent protests led by radical groups of policemen, for different claims.

Social and political instability

This Monday, the high representative of the HIM-HER-IT for Haiti, Helen La Lime, referred to this wave of violence during a meeting of the UN Security Council and said that the violent protests threaten to push Haiti into a “spiral of instability”.

The protests coincide when the country prepares to prepare Parliamentary election, postponed since 2019, presidential, municipal and a referendum to modify the Constitution.

In this sense, La Lime warned that “the continuous lack of trust among the political forces it is preventing even the slightest progress on priorities that had previously obtained broad consensus across the political spectrum, “in particular on the need to reform the Constitution before the holding of new elections.



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